Finally {a post}

I've been trying to bring myself to the keyboard since Wednesday.  Trying to motivate myself to write.  It's not that I haven't wanted to, it's just that I haven't had much to write about.  I've been so exhausted lately that I've been uninspired.  But today, with work at it's end, with my kids on summer break, and with me, at a point to really focus on this blog and my writing, I'm making my way back.  All last week, as I put my feet up, got my ass kicked by Jillian, or just sat out in the front yard with my neighbors, I keep thinking, "and still not blog post to be written"...

We spent a lazy Father's Day lounging at the pool.  
It's tough being a Dad.
I spent the day soaking it all, and no post was written.

Last Sunday all my TV dreams were coming true.
So for obvious reasons, no blogging could take place.

Unknown to many of us, Instagram was having an upgrade.
This is my selfie, using the actual IG camera to try to post a pic.
I had been struggling all morning.
Since I was at work, another day passing with no post written.

My OK tank from Hello Apparel.
And HELLO they are the most comfortable thing I've ever put on my bod.
Also with mirrors and bathroom counters, there is not time to be blogging.
Although, this is rarely a reason that stops me from blogging.

When I do post, I love comments from friends like Alyson.
Especially when she says she would totally clean my house.
Instant blog love.

Sitting at work, eating a banana.
To be honest, this is when I'd rather be blogging.

Instagram got video.
And while the IG world was excited.
The Hubbs not so much.
So instead of posting, I took videos of him.
Much to his dismay.

Also much to miss Mac's dismay.
Here was a Saturday situation where I could have totally been blogging,
but instead I was sitting on my butt with my gal.
Taking unwanted video of her.

A Saturday night spent with great gal pals.
Having dinner, storming Target and enjoying cups with green straws.
Not a single blog post to be written this night.
Also not a eff given about that either.

Carrying my ArtsyAnthro clutch just makes my day.
It means I'm getting fancy and that I don't need extra snacks for the kids.
It also goes with everything, whether the fashion world likes it or not.

Seriously the sweetest most Pinterest inspired baby shower.
Amelia Bedelia for Miss Amelia Jo.
It was beautiful, and I just about died over the book decor.

Caitlin's turn on a 2 wheeled scooter, and her first IG video.
More time spent living and less time spent writing.
Which felt perfectly in balance for a change.

A Sunday spent at a baby shower with good neighbors who are now friends.
A week spent trying to catch up on sleep and health.
Days spent sweating it out trying to tone up for summer.
Nights spent swooning over TV hotties.
Time spent with the Hubbs, with the girls, with me.

Not a single post was written.
But what a bunch of life that was lived.

You can find me on Instagram at @absolute_mommy.
This is after my Instagram disaster of 2013.


  1. Sounds like your days were filled! Sometimes blogging takes a backseat, and that's cool.

  2. I loved this post.I always have a lot to say but never seem to get to posting.But life is about living not always typing so I am glad that you are out there enjoying yourself!