Schools out for SUMMER!

It's been a busy and crazy last few days, but with a huge sigh of relief, SCHOOL IS OUT!
And here is the necessary recap to get you up to speed, and get me motivated to write more posts.
It's over 100 degrees here folks, yesterday 109, so we'd all rather be in the pool, than in the house, with momma glued to the computer.  My apologies!

I thank my lucky stars for good friends and neighbors who take pictures of my gal when I can't.  This is Olympics day at school.  Tug of war like a boss.  She looks like she is having a blast and I'm glad, since the night before she was crying because I had to work.  Mommy problems, right?

Kindergarten completed.  Mommy heartbroken.  Ok, not really, but when those kiddos started singing sons they didn't even know at the beginning of the year, I lost myself for a minute.  They are all so big now, including my own.  Where on earth did the time go?  I know, everyone told me that it would go so fast, but still I didn't believe them... Now I do.

Add a hand print and a guilt inducing poem to completely devastate me on an already emotional day.  This shattered my heart a little, and took me back to how amazing it is that Caitlin and I made it.  Another year down, another year completed and we are both fine.  If you would have told me six years ago that everything would work out fine, that we'd both be ok, I wouldn't have believed it.  Proving again, that no matter how many mistakes you make as a mother, no matter how bad you think you are doing, you are not.  You are in fact doing it right.  Thank God, right?

Caitlin and her teacher Mrs. Nelson.  She started out as our teacher, but at the end of the year she is most definitely our friend.  Part of the family even.  We are both going to miss her terribly, but hopefully we will keep in touch.  And I'm really hoping Miss Mac gets her class in 2 years!!

You never realize how much your child has grown until you do the comparison.  How is it possible that I didn't see this?  I didn't even notice.  But here it is.  My baby is growing up.  Just like everyone said she would.  And while I welcome the milestone, the end of kindergarten and the entrance into first grade, I'm also a little bit heart broken.  I'm really not ready for this, but like with every step I have taken with this child, I will move forward.  A little bit stronger this time, a little bit more aware, and with the knowledge that Caitlin and I really can do anything.  


  1. Oh enjoy the summer and the weather!

  2. Oh gosh. I'm heartbroken just reading this and anticipating this milestone in my life in a few years. You're doing so good mama. Hope she has an amazing summer before starting first grade!

  3. Aww! So sweet. It is so hard and yet so gratifying watching our kids grow, isn't it? Hope you enjoy your summer!