Dear Mom and Dad, Happy Anniversary

photo by Laura Hernandez Photography

Dear Mom and Dad,

Happy Anniversary. Forty years is quite an accomplishment. I should know, I'm married too, and as I've learned, marriage is hard. Like really hard. Why didn't you tell me?

Forty years married, but more years as friends. Thank you for teaching me that marrying your friend is the key. That marrying someone that makes you laugh is everything. Some of my favorite memories are the ones of the two of you laughing and sharing a joke. All the times Dad talked to the TV and made us laugh. All the times Mom said something backwards, and made us laugh harder. 

Thank you for showing me that love was always most important. No matter how mad we got. No matter how much we shouted. You taught me that love is worth every fight. I appreciate that now that I'm married. I realize that there is no perfect marriage. I realize that love is imperfect as well. But despite it's imperfections, it's always worth it.

Thank you for teaching me that there are things more important than money. Probably because we never had any. Thank you for showing me that when we did have a little extra, we spent it on things we would appreciate. Like dinners at Gino's on the Wharf. Or trips to Disneyland when I realize now you should have paid bills. Thank you for that. Thank you for teaching me that sometimes making memories are more important than saving money. I get that you made those sacrifices now.

Mom and Dad, I know that the last forty years haven't been perfect. Most likely they haven't been a sweeping and passionate love story. And that's ok. What's important is that the last forty years have been your love story. There were hard times and happy times, and times when things most likely sucked. But thank you. Thank you for hanging in. Thank you for sticking it out. Thank you for loving each other enough to know you couldn't live apart. I'm not a kid anymore, and I realize now, more than ever, that this is the hardest part of marriage. The sticking by each other. Even when you'd rather sock that person in the jaw. Thank you for making it look easy when I know it was anything but. I appreciate the work you guys put in. I appreciate you both.

Today I want to celebrate you both. Because Dad will buy you a funny card, Mom. And Mom, you will forget to buy him a card at all. I want to celebrate you guys and your success, as friends, as a married couple. Because you Mom and Dad mean the world to me. And you've made my world a better place. 

Happy Fortieth Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Cheers to many more.