Life Lately {September 2014}

As I went to write this post, I looked at my blog roll for September 2014. I posted only ten times this month. That is low in comparison to the last three Septembers. Its not that I didn't have anything to say, its just life is so damn full right now. I went back to work full time. The kids are in school and activities. When I'm not working I'm mom-ing, or sleeping or trying to sleep. There are football games and grocery shopping and Target trips, and, and, and... You get the picture. So life lately has been full and chaotic and in a way blessed. Because time is so much more precious. We can't always wait until tomorrow, mom has to work. Maybe we grocery shop at seven on a school night and we don't hit our pillows until ten. Maybe we can say that out loud and it's ok. Maybe we accept this busier schedule and we up it with more love, more forgiveness, and a little more togetherness. Maybe we are going to make it great after all...

 We had some Starbucks and got some dirty looks. Whatevs.

 We took a mental health day and picked Olaf's nose.

I got this beauty in the mail. Thanks to my cousin who pre-ordered it for my birthday in March! I had forgotten about it. It was a welcomed surprise.

 We squeezed in hair cuts and car washes and even blue lollies that turned our tongues blue.

 Not every one enjoys selfies I guess.

 Including the Hubbs who gave T-Rex arms to avoid my camera at all costs.

 We dressed ourselves for school a time or two.

I let PMS determine the shopping list at Whole Foods. Seriously that coffee is the bomb, and I don't even drink coffee on a regular basis. It's my new guilty pleasure.

Sometimes you just got to thank someone for the little joys in life.

Fro-yo on a school night is always a good idea.

I tried to write when I could, even if it meant the rest of my life was a hot mess.

I kept it real on Saturday and posted this picture of me in last nights make-up. Sometimes washing off your make up is just something you "literally can't even".

Found a new weather app. It's kind of my favorite.

Football season is in full swing, so game day selfies for the win. 

But then I had to take on with my bestie because she got tickets this year too. And then our husbands hated us because we both had to post them on Instagram. And then we reminded them that they don't get a vote.
I took this Sunday morning selfie before work. The girls still aren't sure about having a full time working mom. Side note: Mac has a powdered donut mustache. Breakfast of champs.

We nap when we can. Usually when it's time to pick up big sister. Mac is queen of the power naps.

I went to Pismo for the night. A quick work trip, and I have to say I'm totally out of practice for work trips. I kept getting yelled out because I kept tossing my receipts.

When Mac finally tires of me taking her picture, she pushes the camera. She's just training for the paparazzi.
Caitlin was sidelined for the jog-a-thon, you know broken toe and all, but that didn't cramp her style one bit.
And I took a selfie on my lunch break at work. Because why not?

Like I said, September was full and chaotic, but it was also sweet and kind, and the kind of month we won't soon forget.

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  1. I loved seeing and following your September. Looking forward to your October even more<3