Mental Health Day {second week of school}

I'm the mom that procrastinated all summer and waited until the second week of August to schedule dentist appointments. And also an eye doctor appointment. This also made me the mom that had to pull her kids out of school for a full day two weeks into the school year. So much for perfect attendance, which in my book is totally overrated. Everyone needs a mental health day right? So I double booked my Thursday, kissed my day off of catching up on my DVR goodbye and hit the road. 

 What Mac wore. White shorts after Labor Day? Sure why not. Elmo purse? It's what's in for fall. Heart shaped sunnies? To die for. This kid cracks me up. And she packed that bag for all it was worth. Crackers to snack on, lip gloss, and an old phone that hasn't worked in years. The essentials.

 No cavities. I was overjoyed. Here's hoping the dentist never reads this blog and knows that I allow my children to snack and drink soda. We also never floss. Guess what was better than the no cavities report? Our new pediatric dentist gives you a free book on your first visit. A free book!! I almost snagged a Bridge to Terabithia for myself. I'm not even joking.

 Since the dentist appointment was almost three hours before our dentist appointment and the offices are just blocks from each other, we decided to enjoy an early lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Let's face it, that food is delicious. My kids eat every single morsel. And I steal their fries when they aren't looking. I was trying to get a good Instagram shot of our lunch, but Mac was shoveling in nuggets so she could go to the play area. That is what she is doing in this picture, while pointing to the play area. 

Barnes and Noble is down the street from Chick-Fil-A, and since we don't get there much, we stopped by. Any excuse to go to a bookstore I say. The kids ran straight for the children's area. 

 Obviously Caitlin found our Christmas presents. 

 Then we joined the protest with the Crayons that quit.

Then Mac saw her buddy Olaf, and said, "Look Mom, I'm picking his nose!".

By the time we picked out books and went through the line, it was time for the eye doctor. We got a good report there as well, and finally we were able to head home. I was exhausted. What day off? But none of that mattered. I had so much fun cutting school with these girls. We had most of the places to ourselves since other, more organized mothers scheduled these kinds of outings during the summer. I realized that sometimes you just have to take the time when it's given. Sure I could have taken Caitlin back to school, but I decided against it. We spent the day together, happy and giggling and picking out books. We enjoyed the day and each others company. I wasn't frazzled mommy, rushing and yelling. I was cutting class mommy, who embraced a day where we all just took a much needed mental health day. 

Because we have perfect mental health day attendance. 


  1. I took a good chunk of my day off yesterday to go to the movies and then shopping with Louis. It was exactly what we needed for some Momma/Son time. Seriously. I need to do that more often. (Also, not sure why my account comes up as a no-reply because it looks good on my end. Hopefully this one works!)

  2. I wish I would have been so lucky when I took my kids into the dentist. My son had three cavities. We're going to be tightening up on our dental routines in my house.

    Sara Welsh |

  3. Yay for good teeth! I never flossed growing up and I might be paying for it now because I just can't get into the habit...