Try, try again, and then try again later

I find myself right in the thick of it tonight. Mac is recovering from a sinus infection. I have to be at work at six forty five tomorrow. Dishes have been begging to be done for two days. The Giants lost last night. Add in Family Pictures tomorrow night in Salinas, hair that is three weeks past a dye job, and I still need to pack. Oh, the thick of it.

After Girl Scouts I decided that breakfast for dinner was the only way. The girls thought the "pack your own suitcase" was a really fun game. Although I had to double check for socks and underwear, and in Mac's case pants. And now as I email one last form for scouts I've decided to sneak in a little break here. So here I am.

Today was a bitch. I had to cancel two appointments in order to get a feverish Mac to the doctor. So long dentist appointment, farewell waxing appointment. Both have been rescheduled twice. Meds were picked up, hair dye bought, lunch was Chick-Fil-A. But of course with a list ten miles long, I sat down just for a minute with every intention of doing them all. Until three of my favorite movies were on, all with about fifteen minutes left before they ended. Just my luck. So I watched the end of Leap Year, Baby Boom, and Warm Bodies. Because the endings are just the best. Because Amy Adams is flawless. Because Diane Keaton kills it as a working mom. Because "R" is zombie eye candy. And so the to do list became the "to do later" list. Okay, fine I give.

With Mac at my mom's so I could tackle the troop meeting, I put on Pandora to get ready. And there it was, a fifteen minute dance party staring me in the face. Devo, Duran Duran, and Billy Idol. Don't mind if I do. I always admired Christina Yang and her thirty second dance party. I always wondered if they work. I'm here to tell you they do. It was just what I needed to make up my face. To get my pony tail high and tight. To get my ass in some red skinny jeans. Dancing and singing alone in my bathroom was just what I needed to make me "try". Today I just needed to "try" and have a good day. "Try" and make the best of it. "Try" and survive.

And I did. Sort of. I'm off to slap dye on my head. Then it's off to do dishes. Then bathe the kids. Pack. Prep food. Set double alarms for work. Make sure I have work clothes.... Oh, and Greys and Scandal are a must.

Maybe I should turn Pandora on again. 

If at first you don't tackle every single thing on your to do later list, try and try again. And if you are anything like me, procrastinate some more and try again later.

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  1. I am exactly like you. I find other things I'd rather be doing than my list of things I "need" to be doing. Procrastination is a key factor in this household. :)