Life Lately {october twenty fourteen}

I realize October doesn't end for another week, but I feel like if I don't get this post up now, I never will. So here is to the October that was here one day and gone the next.

You know how you can tell that you are the second child? You wear your sister's hand me down dress and hair pretty for school pictures. In my defense, she had the same dress, but she out grew it. After arguing with her about wearing a dress that is two sizes too small, I pulled sisters out of the hand me down pile. She was happy and I didn't have to spend any more money.

A Sunday off. Tis a luxury. So much so that I didn't even shower, wash my face or brush my teeth. The Hubbs said let's go and so we went. I did manage to wear pants that buttoned. But it was a luxury to have the day with my favorite people.

These two. Trying to sneak a peek at Daddy trying on pants at Old Navy. He kept yelling to keep the curtain closed. I was dying!

I swear to Anne of Green Gables if I see that October quote one more time...

Picture day for my big girl. Oh the style. Yes, a string of pearls are perfect for second grade pictures. And can we talk about the pose. She has asked for a fashion blog. I don't think my ego can take all the hits she would get!

Bulldog foot ball style. It was over ninety degrees when Fresno State decided that a night in navy blue was a good idea. I bought this shirt at Walgreen's and took the scissors to it. I kept cutting and cutting, until I think I got it right. Fashionable, but not slutty. I should take a picture of all the slutty t-shirts at the game.

I wrote about my farewell committee, but I just had to post this picture again. I mean look at these girls. Fresh out of bed. The Hubbs too, I'm pretty sure he's wondering who's idea this was.

What you don't see in this picture is me laughing so hard I'm crying. The Hubbs hates when I make him take selfies when we are just having a regular day. So here we are running errands and I keep trying to snap a pic. I'm trying to be all sly, when all of a sudden he grabs my arm and starts pulling me so my other hand with the phone will shake. I'm laughing so hard, trying to tell him to keep his eyes on the road. Still got the picture though... Nailed it.

This happy girl. Hey Caitlin want to take a picture. She only answers with a pose.

One of my insta-friends tagged me to Stop Drop and Selife. Don't mind if I do.

Hey Mackenzie, ear muffs are not necessary when it's still ninety in Fresno. Also check out that Olaf photo bomb. When we go to Target, we bring our A game.

Yeah I know. Just a picture of my bags. But this is some real life shaz. I'm eating my breakfast in the car. In the school parking lot. Because I've tried to eat and drive and it gets a little scary. Also it's a rare moment that I can slow down. It begged to be documented.

Pizza night with the Girl Scouts and well, what can I say. The man tries to get out of every picture. I take them anyway.

As many of you know I work at Pier 1. Awesome right. Except when you get your first official shipment of Christmas. This is after we had been opening things for an hour. There are also boxes inside the building. This was the weekend to end all retail weekends. I've never been so tired in my life.

It's been awhile since an #ootd, so here goes my preppy look. It's also my Saturday and I have to close look. It's also an I haven't done laundry in two weeks look.

So daddy took these two kids to the fair and they won three fish between the two of them. Let's not talk about how much was spent trying to win said fish, but fish were won. I used the hashtag #deadinaweek to which the Hubbs replied the next day #deadin24hours. We lost poor "Golden". Daddy had to flush him the next day. We then made the kids wait an entire week before we bought a real tank, because they were thirty dollars. Thirty dollars and what if they died a week later. They are still alive and in a new home. A beautiful thirty dollar home.

They love doughnuts. A lot. The sprinkles really do it for me though.

Hey Mac. Let's take a selfie and show off those piggy tails. OKAY!

The sweetest blogger in the world sent me a little piece of Arizona, since I can't be in Arizona with her. Chrissy, from Let me See You Sparkle is the kindest most inspiring blogger I have met, and yes, we have met in real life at Elevate. I'm a sucker for mug swaps and so The Freshly Brewed hosted one and as luck would have it I got Chrissy. It was so fun to send a package to her.

Little Miss in her apron with the Sunday paper. "Mom, I'll walk you out". Thanks baby. Love you too.

I loath birthday parties at bouncy places. So having to go to one on my only day off at six thirty at night no less was not the business. But then motherhood took over, and watching this one over come her fear of the "Big One" was totally worth it. By the end of the night she was going down the big slide alone. 

A sweet afternoon lunch on a Saturday with these lovelies. After a trip to Old Navy, and a nap while watching Harry Potter, which made for an amazing day. I could stare at their faces all day.

Friday after school selfies are my jam. We are so happy to be out of school and work for the weekend. And a promised trip to Target ain't half bad either.

This kid is circling things in the newest American Girl catalog. Just in case Santa needs it. She was here for over a half hour. I hate to break it to her, but Santa bought Disneyland tickets...

October has been very good to us. Even if it seems like I blinked and it's almost November. Honestly I work in retail so from the looks of my store, it's the middle of December. How was your October? Link up your October recap in your comment.

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  1. Oh my god, please give her a fashion blog. Or just a once a week post on this wonderful space of yours. I would die to see how sweet and sassy Caitlin can make it. :)