Friday Funnies {Insta round up}

Lately because I haven't had a lot of time or motivation to write, I've been on Pinterest looking for things that make me laugh. Then I post them to Instagram because I feel like you need to see them too. So Happy Friday my friends. 

Harry Potter memes are always funny. And this makes my life now that "Dean" is on How to Get Away with Murder. Yeah, that's Dean y'all. So now when I do the recap with the bestie on Fridays, we both refer to him as Dean. He will always be Dean.

Thank you Time Hop. This was the best. My day was totally ILLLL after this popped up.

 Grammar jokes will always be funny. Always.

I told you. Side note and fun fact, the rest of this picture says, "The kind like Grammar used to make". I laughed. For a really long time.

I'm pretty sure this is how I look in a bikini. I can guarantee it's how I look in my underwear. Do you let your kids watch Clarence on Cartoon Network. I may be red flagging myself as a horrible parent with horrible television morals, but this kid is effing hilarious. We love Clarence over here. So when I saw this I just knew I had to post this. I totally saw myself.

I'm pretty sure this is a vagina. Like 99.9% positive that this is a vajay costume. It is an actual costume of "Cotton Candy" posted with a tutorial on Pinterest. I'm not going to link to it for a few reasons. One, this is someones kid. Two, this mom was probably super proud of this easy DIY Halloween Costume. Three, I don't want the person to know that I called this a vagina costume. But let's be honest. This kid is gonna grow up one day and realize that this was not Cotton Candy. This was a giant vagina, fully dialated and crowning. 

I'm telling you Harry Potter memes are my jam. The last one listed broke me. Absolutely broke me. 
I actually pinned this for a friend of mine who gets a lot of flack for being a fabulous person. If I'm being honest she is a hard working mama who is making the world a better place. So I pinned this shit for her because she is paying her bills and not a single eff is being given. Go girl. Get that shit.

Authentic Weather App has changed my life. This is from the Fresno State/Nebraska game and it was 100 degrees at kick off at seven in the evening. It was miserable and humid and there were so many sweaty people it was sick. Then I pulled up the weather. Amazing.

My kid's got some comedic timing let me tell you.

This is the card my father bought my mother for their 40th wedding anniversary. Never fails every year he gets her a kick ass card. And she always forgets to get him a card. 

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  1. My FAVORITE board on your Pinterest account! I crack up at night when I see what you've posted. I want a card like that, by the way.