Tuesday was my Saturday

The truth about retail is that the hours suck. When you work at a store that is open seven days a week, your “weekends” are never traditional. Ask anyone that works retail and they will agree with you. It’s not a secret, it’s just a fact.

Last Tuesday was my Saturday. Minus the sleeping in part because I had to take my kids to school. Minus the slow morning where we lazed in our pajamas. Minus the part about spending the day with the kids. Still I made it my Saturday. I refused a shower. I wore clothes from yesterday that were miss matched, and then proceeded to sit in the recliner and talk to my bestie. Then when that was done, I watched Homeland on my DVR which was amazing. Also did I mention that both kids were in school? So again, it was my Sunday, but the kind of Sunday where the kids do their own thing.

Mackenzie took a three hour nap after preschool and I filled that time by laying on the couch flipping between Grays Anatomy (duh) and Twelve Years a Slave. Twelve Years a Slave was a little heavy, but it was still pretty amaing. I started the laundry, decided that grilled cheese was a good dinner anywhere, and took a sleepy Mac to pick up Caitlin. With dirty hair and cutoff shorts.

I just couldn’t do it on Tuesday. I was tired, or more to the point, I was exhausted. I tried really hard to be productive, but why? Other people laze and lounge on their weekends. Why having my Saturday, actually be a Tuesday make any difference? Because it’s still Tuesday and you still have to an adult and do adult things like pick up and drop off and feed your family. You can’t just give up and lay in bed all day, which if I’m honest I tried. But days of during the week are just an entirely different animal.

By the end of the day, Tuesday felt just like any old regular Tuesday. The kids had to be fed. There was homework to do. We all needed baths (including me, because well, um). We all had to get to bed at a decent time, since mom had to be at work at six. Yes. Six in the morning. But that is just a special schedule because all our Christmas stuff came in last week. Yes, Christmas stuff.

Retail ain't for sissies, let me tell you. But I knew that when I signed up. I wasn’t shocked to learn that I’d work most Saturdays and Sundays. But I won’t lie to you, it’s hard leaving your family on those days. But when I do get a cherished Saturday or Sunday off, it really pays off. We may not do something “fun” by definition, but we are changing the definition of fun. Fun is now going to the grocery store all together, getting lunch somewhere we wouldn’t normally go, or even getting hair cuts. I’ve learned to really be in those moments on the weekends when I have them. And when I don’t, I’ve learned to relax on the Tuesdays and Thursdays. Usually my mid week days off are jammed packed, but every once in awhile I’ll get a day where I can relax and pretend that it’s a Saturday. 

Like today. It’s Monday and I’m off with no where to go at the moment. Still I got up at six and got the kids out of the house by eight. Then we went to dance and Costco. Now I’m home and writing, and soon I’ll have another kid to pick up. Not a load of laundry done. Dishes are still in the sink, and who knows what we we will have for dinner. And of course I rolled out of bed to do all of this. My hair is crazy and I’ve got bags under my eyes. Maybe I’ll shower before it’s time to get Caitlin. Maybe I won’t. All I know is that doing the minimum right now feels good. In fact it feels like a Saturday. Almost.

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  1. I do not envy you, sister. I started my workforce life in retail and it was a bitch. Well. I actually loved it because I'm a talker and loved meeting people all of the time. But during the holiday season? No thank you.