Wore {December 2014}

I'm sure every post you are going to read about December is going to say the month just flew by. Well add this one to the pile of blog post about December 2014 flying by. It did, and I wasn't ready for it and I would have loved another thirty days before Christmas. But that's not the way it works, so instead I was looking back at all my Instagram pictures and I thought let's put together a post about what we wore the entire month. The girls killed it with their fashion, and I found new ways to shop my closet. Which, if you know anything about me, is my favorite thing to do.

Totally shopped my closet for this one. Converse kicks included. My mama bought them for me last year, but I totally forgot I owned them. Old Navy flannel from last year and a super old velour hoodie. This was me dressing up to see Mockingjay with my Mom. It was a perfect date day with her.

Nothing says Christmas like Snoopy. Caitlin picked out this sweatshirt and a matching one for her sister for "Buddy Pictures" at her school. How on earth could I refuse a Christmas Snoopy sweatshirt?

This was us on our way to the Nutcracker. Sweater dresses for the girls, old red dress for me that was a steal from Ann Taylor Loft like seven years ago. What can I say, it pays to horde your dress up clothes when you really have no where to wear them.

Caitlin has developed a style of her own, and this outfit for her school Christmas program was no exception. Taffeta and velvet dress from Kohls, kitten heeled ivory satin sling backs on her feet, Sequin head band in her hair. She comes up with these outfits all on her own, and I'm so proud.

 You know on those morning when you have to get up before the sun, and you have no idea what to wear and so you just throw on whatever and hope for the best? This was one of those days. Black on black, add boots and scarf and one almost worn out cardi. Oh and hair piled on top of your head is a must.

 She just had to wear her fur vest. It was a must.

 Caitlin found this sweater dress in the back of my closet, it was hers from preschool, it was a little short but we added leggings and boots. She also had on a Christmas scarf she bought with her own dollars at Kohls. She's all ready for Mackenzie's school program.

For a kid that claims she doesn't like ruffles, she sure wore a whole bunch to her Christmas program. I found this outfit at Kohl's too, and it was like half off. Score one for mom. The pig tails were her idea.

Fancy lace shirt from American Eagle and old stand by Old Navy scarf. Red polkas are perfect for the holiday season. Don't you think?

This fancy heart sweatshirt is so soft and comfy I wish I could wear it every day. My sister in law bought it for me last year, and God Bless her she thinks I'm an extra small. I, however, am not. Solution: I just cut up the sides so that it wouldn't hug my sides so much. My husband is threatening to take away the scissors, but I will now wear the sweatshirt more than I did last year...

Confession: I've been blogging since 2011 and I still hadn't mastered the bloggy bun. Then one late night on Pinterest I saw a hack on how to get your hair on your head and make it look like you used one of those sock things. And that tutorial changed my life, because this bun is now my go to. Thanks Pinterest.

I let her dress herself for a trip to Starbucks and Target after school. She has more fashion sense in her pinkie finger than I have ever had. I'm thinking of letting her dress me.

Mackenzie got a Justice sweatsuit for Christmas. Justice. I'm not quite ready for this. So add in the Uggs and I swear she looks thirteen. She will be five in April.

Ugly Sweater Party on Christmas Eve and we brought our A game. I let the girls make their own with little to no help from mom. They had a blast making them uglier and uglier. I made my ugly sweater vest out of an old pull over sweater vest hanging in my closet from before Caitlin was born. I added some fabric cut outs and fuzzy pom pom balls and hello ugly vest. I'm saving it for next year, hoping to wear it again.

 The Hubbs got into the act too. This ballin so hard shirt was amazing and only $7.99.

Me and this girl got jackets for Christmas and took to Instagram to show off. Don't hate our jacket game.

 Olaf slippers for the win. Ask us how much Frozen swag we got for Christmas this year?

 Red Christmas sweater for Christmas celebration number one. We usually hit four or five over the season. I love this sweater as I got it for less than five bucks at an after Christmas sale at Aeropostale four years ago. The only thing that confuses me is that people usually ask me, "Why are you wearing an ugly sweater". Uh, what are you talking about?

Me in my Pier One swag... Well this was me on a closing shift the Saturday before Christmas. After a full day of dance recitals, a nap, dinner and making twelve cupcakes for the next day. I'm no hero, I just wanted to document that I made it, to the end of the day, red scarf and all.

 Mouth full of cupcake, silly Christmas headband, and a Snoopy sweater. The full definition of Christmas.

 Nothing says Christmas like Elf on the Shelf pajamas. Am I right?

The guys the Hubbs works with wanted to go out for a holiday dinner. At a semi fancy restaurant. I was three days into PMS and didn't have a single pair of pants that didn't pinch. So I went with a black dress. Then I added some green tights I bought a few Christmases ago that I chickened out wearing, then added that same red polka scar, and finally my stand by ivory cardi. The best part? I found those boots in the top of my closet... Totally forgotten about. Yeah, new fancy boots with a heel. Add make up and hair and oh, look who cleans up well? I'm totally going to wear this again next year. And for all the Christmases to follow.

December really did fly by, full of outfits and fashion and evidence that I wear that scarf way too much in December. Not that you could tell.

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