Being Honest

I'm going to be honest and say THANKS to everyone who read and critiqued and edited (school teachers, lol) my last blog.  It was refreshing and eye opening.  Can you believe after 33 years I was still trying to fit into someone else's mold.  I know, right?  If you know me at all you know that the mold was broke with me. 

In another effort at being honest, I rewrote the entire thing.  This time I was more me and less them.  I was also more honest. 

So this is honestly why I'm friends with this woman.  This is honestly the blog that I'm going to enter.  Because if I honestly have to write or rewrite it again, I'm going to throw this computer...

Happy Blogging,

A life without Krysten?

I wouldn't make it.

When I was lost and drowning  in self doubt.  At the end of my rope and isolated by motherhood, Krysten saved me.  She said, You don't have to love it, you just have to love your baby. 
In the beginning we bonded over poopy diapers, creative ways to occupy a toddler (Oreos), and Grey's Anatomy.  Now we call to recap Glee or Cougar Town.  Sure the kids are screaming in the background, but that's why we use bribes.  How many minutes can I buy with this Oreo?
Krysten set my idea of motherhood ablaze.  Never judging, she's more interested in the last True Blood episode than if my kids ate a good lunch.  And yeah, it was hotdogs... but did you see Eric's abs?? 
Recently we had the most amazing and hilarious conversation via text message.  It was11 o'clock at night, and I was co-sleeping with my toddler.  I don't know what she was doing.  I was laughing too hard to ask.
I can call Krysten, anytime, just to complain.  She listens, lets me get it all out, and then reminds me I could have quints.
What 3 things would I bring on a deserted isle?  Big Sunglasses, Starbucks, Krysten.  She would bring her Nook, Vodka, and peanut M&Ms.  It's that simple.
She didn't bat an eye when I needed her most.  She dropped everything for me.  It took one call, one question, one prayer.  All answered.
Krysten made me a believer;  in myself, in motherhood, and in friendship.
She has influenced the most important part of my life by being herself.  No more, no less.   
A life without Krysten?  I might survive, but I wouldn't have any fun...
And that is no surprise.

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