The 5th of July

What a let down right.  After all of the celebrating we do for America, we have to get up the next day and carry on.  Status quo.  Yuck!

Our 4th was packed with family and fun.  Swimming and ice cream and baseball.  Totally AMERICAN!  It was great.  The girls and I were in the pool ALL day.  Of course it was the only place to be beside the 108 degree plus patio. 
Keep swimming!  I couldn't get her out of her.  NOT EVEN WITH SODA BRIBES!!

Hello.  Happy 4th!  I'm a flag waving Crutchfield. 

Look at my two happy little girls.  I begged and bribed them to get out of the water!  Soda? No. Ice cream? No.  Fireworks? OK!

Ice cream + sparklers = Happy Caitlin

I have no idea what these flashy things are, but they sure are cool!

No longer scared of the "fire"
Great day.  Great party.  Great 4th.  What is really special about the 4th is that it truly is a measurement of growth.  This is my 11th year celebrating the 4th with John.  Yes, ELEVENTH!!  I feel old and blessed at the same time.  We've come a long way baby.  From skinny dipping and booze bashes to sparklers and ice cream cones and princess pools.  Even though my hard partying days are mostly behind me, I have new reasons to celebrate every year.  This year Caitlin LOVED the fireworks, instead of crying like the past years.  This year Mackenzie stayed in the pool all day!  Added plus - she didn't burn.  If you've seen her then you know she is the whitest quarter Mexican around. 

So today is a rehab day.  A day to let my kids wear pajamas until 4pm.  A day to lay around an watch the Fresh Beats, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Good Luck Charlie all day.  To nurse my holiday hangover all day.  And since I don't drink anymore, it's saying something that I feel like I fell into a vat of vodka.

Hope you had a great 4th.  Hope you were as American as you could be.  Did you have a great 5th as well, or are you a little let down like me?  Oh well, next year!
Ready for the show!
Happy Blogging,

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