GD, It's G-Free! Nutella+RiceCrispies=Magic

I realized that I'm late to the Nutella is magical party.  I guess I was just lazy about checking and double checking to see if Nutella is gluten free.  Well after a quick Google search, I find that it is.  Well hot damn!  So on my next trip to spend unheard of amounts of American dollars on such staples as milk, cheese, and of course Quaker Granola bars, I added Nutella to the shopping cart. 

So now what?  Well I also just happened to have a box of GF Crispy brown rice by Erewhon.  A GF version of the old snap, crackle, and pop standby.  I get Erewhon at Whole Foods.  They work great.  So great in fact that my brother-in-law nicknamed my regular GF Rice Crispies, Crack.  True story. 

Now, I'm aware that there are new GF Rice Krispies on the market.  I even saw them at WinCo.  Let me, let you in on the joke that is being played on all us GF-ers.  They aren't the same recipe.  They are in fact the new and improved Gluten Free Rice Krispies made with Brown Rice.  In other words, Ewehorn's Crispy Brown Rice, but with a familiar name, a fancy logo and a fancier price.  I'm sure they taste great, but I'm a little disappointed.  If you are going to make your product available to the GF community, why not revamp the old stand by and not change the entire product.  I want the Snap, Crackle and Pop of my childhood!  Not their impostor half brothers.  Oops sorry, product tangent!

Whatever you decide.  MAKE THESE!!!  TODAY!  They are delish.  Whether you are GF or not.  They are a dream.  As a side note I didn't make the delish topping.  I thought it was a little much for me... But hey, indulge.

Happy Blogging (and eating GFree!),

Nutella Rice Krispies Treats
adapted for GD/GFree from (visit this blog. It's got more incredible deliciousness)

6 cups GF Rice Krispies (or 3 cups Rice Krispies and 3 cups Chocolate Puffed Rice) OR the brand of your choice
1 bag (10.5-oz) miniature marshmallows - I use Jet Puff
¼ cup (2 ounces) unsalted butter - I used salted - my baker friends can tell me why or why not
generous 1 cup Nutella - very generous
1 cup Nutella
1 1/2 cups chopped chocolate
1 Tbs trans-fat free shortening - for GF-ers you can use Earth Balance

Measure the cereal into a large mixing bowl and set aside. Spray this bowl with cooking spray.  You will be so happy you did. 
Melt the marshmallows and butter together in a medium saucepan over medium heat.  Add the Nutella and stir until combined.  Pour the melted marshmallow mixture over the cereal stirring well to evenly coat the cereal.

When I read this I thought - Microwave only is how I roll.  So I made mine in the microwave.  Here is why this was not the best way to make these... After you microwave the butter and marshmallows and add the Nutella, the Nutella will cause the marshmallows to cool - FAST.  So it's not easy to stir and it's uneven.  Even worse if you think that putting the bowl back in the microwave is the solution, you will be sadly mistaken.  The microwave causes Nutella to become stickier than it already is.  I was able to salvage mine, but wanted you to know ahead of time, in case you roll microwave style like me...

Pour into the prepared pan and use a small buttered piece of waxed paper or the back of a spoon sprayed with cooking spray to press evenly into pan.

I used a glass Pyrex lined with foil and sprayed it with cooking spray.  I use the Vons/Safeway brand, with no problems.  That way when the squares are set and cooled you can just pop out the foil and cut on a cutting board.  Of course I never do this, I leave them in the pan and cut whatever shape I desire. Usually it's the quarter of the pan

In a small sauce pan melt the remaining 1 cup of Nutella, shortening and chopped chocolate over medium/medium low heat.  When the chocolate has melted and the mixture is smooth, pour over the cereal mixture.  Gently spread the chocolate topping evenly across the top of the krispies.

I didn't do this last frosting stuff.  So if you do - let me know how it goes.

Allow the chocolate to set, then cut into squares and serve

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