Football Wife

I have a love/hate relationship with Fresno State football.  I despise it because my husband is the biggest Fresno State fan, I think in Fresno county.  He lives our lives based on the Fresno State football schedule.  Thank Jesus, our kids were born in June and April, because I'm sure if one had been born on a Fresno State home game, I would have delivered in the stands while the band played the fight song.
I love it because John is the biggest Bulldog fan.  He is so incredibly loyal, that his motto is "Don't boo the home team", which I do all the time.  He LOVES college football season.  Like most men watch the NFL, John is all about the NCAA.  It's like a disease or a parasite, but really I love it.
Why?  Because he LOVES it so much.  It starts with the agonizing task of buying season tickets.  Ok, it's only agonizing to him, but he plans and makes calls.  Sends emails and gives past season ticket holders first dibs.  It's like he's a broker off all things Fresno State.  Then it's tailgating time.  More calls, emails, menu planning (at the last minute), and scoping the spot.  Oh, and there is a spot, that he goes and sits at 7-8 hours prior to game time so we have the perfect spot under a big tree.  Has the game started yet?  No, we're just getting started...
Football season is a time of year most women dread, me included.  Yet, as much as I'm frustrated that my husband disappears for an entire Saturday at a time, I love Fresno State home games too.  I love that John and I get to be John and Megan again for a few short hours.  While yelling at the defense and hi-fiving after touchdowns.  We laugh and crack jokes about the lone male cheerleader, because he is simply the best on the squad.  That we yell and cuss at Pat Hill for calling the same play three times in a row.  That we do all of these things together, while on the same page, and we aren't fighting about laundry or dishes, or Mac on the table again.
It's great to know that after six years of marriage, two kids, and a messy house we still have the foundation our relationship was built on... HUMOR.  We love to crack jokes about each other, call each other names that would make others blush, and have conversations that say a lot about our marriage.
For example, at yesterday's tailgate,
John:   "Help me clean up this tailgate". 
Me:  "I don't live here"
John:  "You don't clean at home either"
Me:  "So why would I start here?"
For the record I did help him clean a little.  I even walked with him to the bathroom, and waited while he bought Nachos.  Which gave us the chance to people watch.  He was totally disgusted with all the little college girlies in their slutty homemade t-shirts, and declared that if Choochie (Caitlin) even wore those he would beat her.  I said, how would you know she will be away at college.  Of course he said she would only be going to Fresno State, and we would still have season tickets and if he ever caught her in one of those slutty shirts he would cover her with his body.  Then we laughed because Choochie would NEVER wear a shirt like that, but of course Mac would, and then it would totally be a lost cause, because just like her Mamma, Mac does what Mac wants.
So while I hate the late Saturday nights because the kids always wake up on Sunday morning before dawn, and I hate the hours and money spent, I love the time with my hubby.  I love it because, thanks to Bulldog football last night, we had the time to have the most meaningful conversation we've had in months...
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  1. I love your hubby for his Bulldog craziness- year after year, game after game, win or lose! and I love you for your DIY shirt and honesty! Hope we get to partake in Saturday hustle sometime this season! love you all! miss you tons!