This face...

I love this face!

I mean seriously, I ask you, how could you not love this face?

I was thinking the other day that I write SO MUCH about Caitlin, that many of you might not know much about Mackenzie.  Let me tell you this kid is HILARIOUS... Like her father, HILARIOUS.  Before I get to that stuff, let me give you OUR back story.

I almost didn't get this face.  Truth is, and I know it sounds horrible, I didn't want another baby.  Now, I didn't say I didn't want Mackenzie, I just said I didn't want another baby.  My motherhood career had a super rocky start.  So of course I had doubts and fears.  I begged John to wait until Caitlin was at least two, then after Caitlin's second birthday threw out all my BC pills, then totally freaked, ordered another package and took them for another month.  I thought it's now or never, put the fear of morning sickness, leg cramps and constipation behind me, and said, FINE. 

At the time I really said, "I'm putting it in God's hands", when my friend Krysten replied, "Is that such a great idea?", and I responded "Sure", when what I really wanted to say was "NO!", but it was too late.  Here is the funny part about all of this, which restored my idea that God has one hell of a sense of humor.  It took almost a year to conceive Caitlin.  ALMOST A YEAR.  Imagine my surprise when four, yes four weeks later, God chuckled and said, Your Eggo is Preggo... And I was super sick, and I was super annoyed by the horcrux growing in my womb, and begged it to will itself a penis, which it didn't but I love her anyway...

Here is a list of what I love about Mackenzie Grace:

She was my second chance at motherhood.  She gave me a gift no one else could, the chance to do it right, in the right mind, with the right heart.  That is the most precious gift I could ever get.

Mac was 4 pounds, 13 ounces, and looked like a doll.  She had the smallest face, and appeared so fragile.  Looks are deceiving because she fought every nurse who tried to take her temperature or measure her, or whatever else it is that they do to newborns that are sleeping soundly.

Baby Mac, almost 1 week old

She cut two teeth before four months, and it was so sad because she didn't have the hand eye coordination to maneuver a teething ring. 

Right away she liked to fight with her sister.  No joke as soon as she figured out hair pulling she was on it.

Mac is my screamer.  Like about everything.  Take away the cell phone she is trying to put in her mouth, SCREAM.  Make her come inside after eating DIRT, SCREAM.  Tell her the dinner table is no place to lie down and chill while watching YO GABBA GABBA, SCREAM.

Valentine's Day 2011 and No, she doesn't like this picture taking business at all!!

She eats dirt.  Not like regular kids, like with a spoon or whatever else she can find in the yard that she can make into a spoon.  I really hope that's not foreshadowing, and someday she is going to make shivs and shanks out of toothbrushes and Bic pens.

Looks like she missed her mouth...

Mac is HILARIOUS.  How?  Well, she will put her pants on her head like a hat, then laugh so you will laugh with her.  She makes the funniest faces, case in point the bathtub picture above.  She also like to run into things.  Lately she likes to have gibberish conversations with anyone who will listen, and she likes to wave her hands around while conversing.  Sound familiar?

I love that Mac hasn't met a food or drink that she doesn't like.  We have started calling her lunch box, because if you leave food unattended Mac will find it and devour it.  All while smiling and looking at you like "Were you gonna eat that?"

I also love that Mac loves her daddy so much that she will follow him around the house until he picks her up and if following isn't enough then she will start the screaming routine.  She likes to wear his hats, put toys in his lap top case, and throw his blackberry at him.  I think it's because it's not an iPhone. 

So Mac is the comic relief in our house.  She is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba.  She LOVES Cheetos, and if I had a Cheetos face picture I'd show you.  She also loves to steal her sister's sippy cups of iced tea and guzzle them behind the curtain or under the dinner table... Oh, boy.  I can see the teenage years and it doesn't look pretty.

I'm not an overly religious person, but I can give credit where credit is due.  I'm blessed beyond belief.  Mac restored my faith in myself, motherhood, and yes, a higher power.  I love her, even when I'm yelling because she likes to roll over and try to get out of her diaper during a change.  When she's figured out how to use her booster seat as a ladder to the table, then pours out my entire 20 oz cup of tea on herself and my new magazine.  Even when I take away the TV remote for the fourth time as she has managed to change the channel while asking for GoGO's (yeah Gabbas).  I look at that FACE and I laugh.  She is one funny girl.

Who likes to pick her nose...

Happy Blogging,

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