Ah-Ha Moment

So it looks like Facebook is working, since many of you saw my Ah-ha moment post.  This is all I'm going to say about it again, because seriously we (my family) are beating a dead horse.  Unfortunately the post turned into something else entirely.
Have you ever had an ah-ha moment?  Well according to Oprah, it's a moment where your eyes completely open and you have an absolute moment of clarity.  Sounds pretty great, right?  Well Oprah left out the part that not all ah-has are beautiful and refreshing. 
This ah-ha was ugly.  It was combative and loud.  It was not a great moment of self-discovery.  It was a moment you wish you hadn't discovered.
Here is the great thing about ah-ha moments, good or bad... They lead to other ah-ha moments.  Where you really have a self discovery.  Where you realize there are things about yourself that maybe you should change.  Things about yourself you thought didn't affect other people.  Things that you are just too old for, and things for which life is too short.
So I'm not going to beat a dead horse.  I'm going to bury the damn thing, with the hatchet (so clich√© right?), and set it free.  I said a prayer for both.  Then I said a prayer for me. 
With a deep breath, AH-HA.
Happy Blogging,

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