I want to go to THERE!

This is a shameless plug.  I'm not going to lie.  You see, I like to follow blogs in the spare minutes before one child starts screaming and the other poops her diaper.  It helps me stay current to the very many pressing events of all things motherhood, craftiness, and delicious-ness.
So here is the part that is shameless... Little Miss Momma, at http://www.littlemissmomma.com/, in all her infinite craftiness is having a HUGE giveaway.  This blog post is just one of the ways I'm entering this giveaway.  Now if you know me, you know that I don't like to push and peddle goods to my family and friends.  It makes me uncomfortable, unless it's in the form of Girl Scout Cookies, because seriously who says no to Thin Mints?
Any-hoo.  Little Miss Momma is giving away a free all expense paid spot to the Creative Estates Retreat.  Oh, you don't know Creative Estates?  I didn't either.  You can find them here at:
So I hit all the links and found that it's the most AMAZING retreat of Crafty peeps getting their craft on and I said "I want to go to there.  No! I have to go to there".  It's in a beautiful cabin in Northern Arizona, where 150 plus crafty chicks are gonna eat, modpodge, sew, cook, create, laugh and have a party.  Again, where do I sign???  Did you see the part about the giveaway and I could get to go for free?  Oh, you did, ok...
Creative Estates was founded and created by two moms, Shealynn Benner and Jessica Sanfilippo.  The goal was to bring lots of creative minds together and let loose on new ideas, support, and friendship.  Great minds think alike and creative minds create alike. So why wouldn't you start packing today, right?  When you visit Creative Estates read the bios of the creators, then check out their personal websites, and then ask yourself, how do I become friends with these people?  It's like in US Weekly when they say the stars are just like us... Yeah, these crafting/blogging moguls are just like us.  Moms, creating, working, blogging, living.  The inspiration is phenomenal.  Also when you visit the site, check the venue.  Seriously, it's like a day spa, a gourmet kitchen, and an interior designers office, got together and had a love child.  Did I mention I want to go to there?
So here is  my list of reasons why I HAVE to do everything in my power to win this giveaway.
1.  I am an amateur crafter.  Sure I can somewhat use a sewing machine and yes I can use a glue gun.  However ModPodge and Sculpey scare the be-geeze out of me.  I am also in awe of all those crafters on Pinterest.  I want to go forth and create.  I'm pretty sure by attending this retreat, it will be like a crafting immersion program.  Like Rosetta-Stone for crafting.
2.  It's scheduled for March 8-11, 2012.  Well, my birthday is March 26th, and I think this would be a killer birthday gift.  Not just the all expense paid part, but a trip just for Mamma.  A chance for Mamma to be re-energized.  Also I'm also turning 34, and this would most def get my mind off the fact that I'm inching closer to 35... which means...I can't even say it!
3.  If I have learned anything since starting this blog, it's to take the time to be yourself again.  This would be the perfect avenue for me to be Megan again.  Not MammaMegs or MrsCrutch, but MEGAN.  The Megan that was inspired and creative and me.  It would give me the opportunity to explore what I could be in the next chapters of my life.  To continue to redefine Megan, which all started with this blog.
4.  I have this imaginary scenario in my mind.  In it I have actually won the giveaway.  Upon arrival at the beautiful cabin, Little Miss Momma herself, will take me under her wing and introduce me to all her cool and crafty friends.  She will give me tips on how to make my blog bigger and better, and how I can reach a bigger audience.  Then we will bond over all things crafting, writing, and motherhood, which will lead to us braiding each other's hair at two in the morning.   All while munching on gluten free cookies that I made and brought, which she will say taste delish and incredible. 
Well a girl can dream right?
Happy Blogging,


  1. Okay, trying again. I've been meaning to send you an e-mail but can't find yours anywhere here. Should I leave mine?


  2. Kristina,
    I'm so sorry! I just replied to the email I got as notification. I'm new at this, can you tell? Anyway, my email is mamma_megs@yahoo.com.
    Email me anytime day or night!!