Life happened {five twentysix fourteen}

Last week I wanted to write. I wanted to take everything I learned and everything I heard at Elevate and share it with you. Honestly I just wanted to re share it with me, but then there was life. Last Sunday we drove four and a half hours back to reality and once I walked in the door, as inspired as I was, I knew it was over. I knew that I was back to my real life and Elevate was just a dream. I gave it the best college try that I could. I stayed up well after midnight Tuesday night to get my first recap up. It was just what I needed to get my mind in line to really recap the rest of my Elevate experience. But then I found I didn’t have time. I worked all week, and then I chaperoned a zoo trip in the middle. With little time for myself and little time for my family, my holiday weekend was spent outside with my family or at work. 

That usually means my writing and this blog take a back seat. Some days I’m sorry about that. I feel guilty for abandoning my blog, for choosing the season finale of Madmen or a Grey’s Anatomy double header on Lifetime with some ice cream instead of cracking down and pounding the keys. Then I have to remind myself, no one wants to read about a boring life. People want to read about a life lived. A life full of mess and chaos and trips to Target. A life of zoo trips with daughters that are entirely too big and so grown up. A night spent with people who you didn’t know three years ago, but now wonder how you lived a life without them. 

This blog, some days it saves me, some days it’s my refuge, and some days it drives me insane as it nags me and taunts me from sidelines of my life. Like all things worth fighting for, I keep waging the war of time and dedication. I keep writing even if it’s in the wee hours of the morning, or the ten minutes in the middle of the afternoon. The one thing I can say about my Elevate experience is that it confirmed that this blog is exactly what I need to be doing. I need this blog, just like it needs me, and like every good relationship, it’s worth all the pain and the progress.

So much life can happen in just a week. Here is a short and sweet recap.

My mama had a birthday over Elevate weekend so I shared this picture of us.
It's one of my favorites. And how cool is my mom for saying ok to be being gone her birthday weekend?

Caitlin's birthday is at the end of June so she didn't want to miss out on classroom celebrations. Monday following Elevate I took cupcakes to her class. I forgot the napkins, and the cupcake order was messed up at our grocery store bakery, but none of that mattered. Cupcakes all look the same on the other side.

Our neighborhood of sister wives were reunited again this past weekend. We laughed until we cried, our husbands got drunk, and we planned another getaway. These gals make me so happy, and I would totally live on a compound with them.

Thursday was my only day off between my Elevate trip and Memorial day. I spent it chaperoning a zoo trip for my gals first grade class. It was hot, but so much fun, and we snapped this pic outside the reptile house. Then we watched a giant ancient turtle eat his lunch. Very, very slowly.

Caitlin snapped this picture on our dinner date at Panera. We were sneaking out after sister decided to take a late nap and dad had no interest in Panera and Target. It would seem the finer things in life allude him.

Caitlin has moved from the kids menu to the "you pick 2" menu. Cold cheese sandwich and tomato soup, which is odd since she hates tomatoes. This was her cheese face.

This photo of baby Mac popped up on my time hop and I couldn't resist sharing it with the Instagram community. Since her father is the king of hidden middle finger in pictures, I thought this was perfect. Obviously she is her father's daughter.

Friday two of my favorite Instagrammers asked followers to post their summer traditions as part of their #fridayintroductions. Our family tradition as of late is to spend every single night in our front yard with our neighbors. Friday night was no exception, kids playing, music blasting, beers in the fridge, and me in a lawn chair. Friday night said, "Summer is here".

I tried all week to get my self together and post to this blog. But as you can see, life happened. It didn't get in the way, it didn't force any major changes, but it happened. And I'm so very happy that it did.


  1. These types of posts are my favorite when you write them. Makes me want to drive up to you and live there for a while. Miss you friend. I haven't blogged since Friday ( oops- bad blogger bad lol) ttyl!

  2. Can you please drive a few hours to see me? K thanks!!!! At least FaceTime soon?

  3. These posts are my favorite! Life gets crazy and that's ok. It sounds like you had a great week with family, friends and some super precious time with your girl! Happy Tuesday.

  4. Yay for living life! Looks like a blast. Totally feeling your pain tho! Even tho I want to sit and just write about life, it's happening around us. Happy to see you posted tho :) Love ya!

  5. Why is babies with their middle finger up so freaking cute? I wish my neighborhood hung out. Actually I wish I lived in your neighborhood. I would even be the beer bitch.