Bloggers in Real Life {Elevate: The People}

A blogger's life is funny. We write, we craft, we take pictures of what we wear, then we send it out into bloggyland and hope that someone, anyone will see it. Bloggers get giddy over new followers on Instagram, new likes on Facebook, and retweets on Twitter. We start conversations in "comment" boxes, make friends over selfies, and we treasure those friendships. We talk about bloggy friends as if they are our neighbors, as if we just had coffee with them yesterday. The truth is, for many of us, we rarely will meet those we hold so close to our hearts in blogland.

Saturday I got lucky. I got to meet some amazing women who I see everyday on a tiny screen I hold in my hand. I got to hug them, laugh with them, craft with them, and confirm what we already knew.

We are friends. In real life. In this life. We are friends.

 First selfie of the day with Kristine (@tffunedited on Instagram).
Kristine was my first bloggy friend. We have been leaning on each other for over three years. We like to send Facebook messages and laugh about what our husbands are doing. I love her something fierce. I'd follow her anywhere.

 Group selfies are nice too. Nay (@coffee_n_ink), Megan (@shapingupmegan), Kristine (@tffunedited), Me. Nay is my homegirl. Nay keeps me sane, says the right things, and always encourages me to write. Write it she says. Sometimes I hear her when I'm clicking the keys. I feel like I've known Nay all my life. Like there was never a moment when I didn't know her. I love to send her pins that remind me of her. And then she sends some back. I love that she hugged the Hubbs when she met him on Saturday, like she's known him for years. She kind of has. Megan is my name twin, my blog guru, and a no BS kind of gal. Obviously we get along. She is also so kind and supportive and genuinely wants my blog to do well. I know Meg, word press conversion. Also let's take a moment to reflect on the fact that she said, "Tell your husband I'm flipping him off".
Oh, these are my people. This is my tribe.

 The nicest, kindest, most beautiful woman you will every meet is Tracy Jensen (@fivejensenboyz). Follow her on Instagram for all the latest on the daughter she just brought home from an Eastern European orphanage. Tracy and I laughed and cried and told truths about motherhood. She is beautiful and I'm so honored to call her a friend.

 Fact: I love Amanda's shop. Fact: She rushed an order to have it ready for me at Elevate. Fact: after I snapped this selfie she said, "you betta filter that". I'm smiling so big because I could not wait to meet her! Amanda is @looluhrue on Instagram. And yes, I put a filter on it.

 I met Ashley last year (@littlemissmomma) and I seriously thought I was going to pass out. I've been following her since I began blogging and to say she is a role model, is well, the truth. She is so kind and genuine, and didn't even bat a pretty eyelash when I was fangirling her last year. This year she hugged me tight and we shared a little moment about writing and inspiration. And look at her mixing prints, like it is her birthright. It was amazing to connect with her again this year. 

 Two people I just had to reconnect with this year were Elise (@eliseypants) and Chrissy (@chrissydelacy). I didn't really get to hang out with them much last year, but I made sure to follow them (stalking kindly) on Instagram all year. Elise is such a beautiful person, and so incredibly creative (follow the hashtag #elisedoodles for proof). I was so excited that she was sitting at my table! Chrissy is also a beautiful person who radiates light.  She was the conference photographer this year, but she is so much more. She was also at my table and I loved all the energy that she brought to Elevate. She even gave a lesson on taking better selfies. It was so great to get to know them a little better this year.

 I will tell you all about Lisa Leonard's (@lisaleonard) fabulous presentation at Elevate in the days to come. All you need to know is this: She is the most genuine person I have ever met. She gives outstanding hugs. And she is exactly who you see on Instagram. Beautiful, talented, kind, inspiring. Also she recognized my Instagram name and I just about fell over into a bush. True story.

 I have been waiting to meet Alissa (@alissamcircle) for years. Years! Well I finally did and she was just as amazing in person. Alissa is an inspiration, a savvy business woman, she knows her bloggy biz better than anyone I know. She is a fantastic friend, an excellent mom, and an inspiring blogger. She is totally down for selfies, I wish I could have spent more time with her, but the day went by so fast. When I left, I hugged her twice for good measure and promised to stalk her on Instagram, as is my usual. I hope to see her sooner than later!

 Ok, fangirl moment of Elevate 2014. This is Ashley (@lilblueboo) from LilBlueBoo. I know. I know! So I walk up first thing to check in and I see Nay talking to this really tall gal. I think it's someone I met last year, so I stroll up like I own the place (because that's how I roll) and butt into the conversation. Then I look up (literally) and see Ashley. That's when I grab her arm and excitedly shout "Oh my God, I didn't know you were going to be here! I've been following you for years!". Yes. Yes I did that! I was so embarrassed, but let's talk about how cool Ashley is and how didn't even think it was a thing. Then when I was saying goodbye and snagging this picture (thanks Nay!), I got all teary eyed because she is such an inspiration to me. She didn't bat an eye then either.

 There are a million things I could say about Tausha (@taushawierlo). Let's start with the fact that she leaves the best comments on my blog. She tells everyone who will listen that she reads my blog daily. And the fact that when we said our goodbyes we both cried. Real tears with mascara streaks (me). She had the kindest words for me, and let me tell you I needed to hear those on Saturday. She gave me the confirmation that I needed. And she said I give her the confirmation she needs. We are quite the pair Tausha, so honored to finally meet you.

To say that I adore Lauren (@pinkonthecheek) is an understatement. She is hilarious and always fun to follow on Instagram and twitter. Also we killed the sunnies game at Elevate. Killed. She lives in the Bay area so this was a big trip for her and I was so glad she made it. Now if I can convince her to put together a Bay Area blogger meet up...

 @boxofcheese was there to let us take even more selfies. The sign that Kristine is holding says #holla, but that flash though. I love the picture on the bottom because I was laughing and trying to kiss Kristine on the cheek and I got the timing wrong. Yet, it's so right.

 More fun with @boxofcheese this time with Nay and Kristine. 

This picture really sums up Elevate as a conference, Tracy, Lisa, Sarah (@littlepenelopelane), Emmy (@emmymom). Ashley, Andrea (@aidieshideaway) and me. A portrait of bloggers at different phases of their blog life, but you would never know by looking at this picture.

Ever have a good conversation on Instagram and think, I really like her. She's my people. Well meet Krystal (@krystaladele). We had to stalk each other on Instagram on Saturday because we kept missing each other. Finally grabbed a selfie. I love meeting blog friends!

I didn't recognize Emmy (@emmymom) with her sunnies on, so glad she was like "Hello, I'm emmymom". I love following her on Instagram. She is so positive and blogs about her real mom life. Because we all need that breath of fresh air in mommyland, am I right?

 I met the amazing Ali of Sage & Harper (@sageandharper) on Saturday. I thanked her so kindly for my new favorite bag. I fangirled a little. She was so nice and told me all about her upcoming line, which, hello, will be the shaz. Then she was so nice to take a picture of me holding my bag that I wore all day. Yes, it was strapped to me all day. It's got pockets for days! Also what do you think of my outfit choice? Yup. Comfy and cool. 

What on earth could I say about Jen (@delightfuldeets) and Summer (@munchies_mama)? That they are beautiful and amazing and selfless. That they know how to throw a party? That they have become friends of mine in real life? Yes I could say all of that, but it would never do justice to the amount of love they have for what they do and who they are. They make Elevate what it is, and what it will become in the future. I adore them.

I couldn't write any other Elevate 2014 recap without writing about the people first. Elevate is about the people. The women who organize it, the women who speak at it, and the women who come and let down every single wall they have put up all year. It's the women of Elevate that make it the life changing event that it is. I met so many amazing women on Saturday, and got to see many of the women I met last year. It was as if no time had passed at all. It was so much fun, and I'm sure a lot of that had to do with Summer and Jen and Nicole. They put on a fantastic event. But I have to give some credit to the women. Who embraced the theme and principle of Elevate, to be uplifted, to be inspired, and to soar. 

I'm already counting down the days until next year.


  1. So glad I got to see you and so bummed I had to leave early!

  2. This was an awesome post - not because you spoke such beautiful words about our wrote wonderful words about us all. You made me feel like I was at Elevate again - and that's just pure awesomeness right there.
    I treasure you, my Megs. Give #absolute_hubbs a hug for me and tell him to be prepared when we finally get the little families together! Love you...mean it.

  3. Awww... I always get so jealous when I see recaps like this!!! ;)
    So happy to know everyone had such a great time! Posts like this make me really happy! Can't wait to hear more about Elevate!

  4. So many faces that I just love to pieces, including YOURS!!!! I often times cant find the right words for comments, but my heart is full reading this and seeing you this weekend was fantastic :)

  5. #boom You totally put the conference in perspective for me. So grateful I got to go and for the amazing time spent w awesome people. I need to focus on that ♡

  6. #boom You totally put the conference in perspective for me. So grateful I got to go and for the amazing time spent w awesome people. I need to focus on that ♡

  7. Awe! It looks like you had so much fun and made some great friends girl! I'm just going to go ahead and admit that I'm slightly jealous I wasn't there and didn't get to squeeze you!!! #oneday Love you! xoxo

  8. Seriously amazing people! Let's meet next year- deal?

  9. These pictures make me crave a blogger/crafters conference. Seriously. So much that I almost want to put one together in my town so I don't have to travel to get to one. :)

  10. I so totally love you. And I'm so glad I got to instantly bond with you. You are stuck with me now. <3

  11. I am so behind on blogging, so finally reading this. What a wonderful post. There really are so many wonderful amazing ladies that were there that day, including you! So glad I got to meet you in real life and thank you so much for your kind words.

  12. Jealous of all the amazing connections you made, and super flattered to be included in your recap! When we went into the room to hear the first speaker, you saved me a seat, and that basically validated my worth as a human, so thank you for that! ;)