Four Gifts 2014 {Read}

I guess by now you all have noticed that I was a little busy this holiday week. I'm slowing climbing my way back to the computer. Sadly with all the hustle and bustle I wasn't able to get my Four Gifts post up on Thursday. So here I am now, bringing you things that we want to read. I narrowed it down to four, since as you may know, I love books. All books. Any kind of books I can get my hands on. But that list would take weeks to blog, so here are four choices that I wouldn't mind finding under the tree. I also added books for Caitlin, age seven, and Mackenzie, age four.

For Caitlin:

For Mackenzie:

For Me:

I hope that each and every one of these books ends up under our tree this year. And thanks to Amazon and two day shipping they most likely will.

What books are you asking Santa to bring you this year??

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