Four Gifts 2014 {Want}

Since my blogging has been spotty at best, I felt like the only way to get me more focused on the blog was to participate in a blogging series. My friend Alyson at AlysonM has invited me to join her in a four week series for November. The idea is to simplify our Christmas lists so that we focus on four categories, Want, Need, Wear, Read. Easy enough, except that today is want, and this year we are being a tad bit extravagant...

This year we all want the same thing... Well the kids do anyway...

picture courtesy of Disneyland Park

Santa is leaving Disneyland tickets under the tree. I know, this totally defeats the simple idea of four gifts, but hear me out. Me and the Hubbs have exhausted the gift giving efforts so far. Last year Santa brought Mackenzie a play kitchen, and Caitlin a bike. This year we thought about asking Santa for more American Girl crap, or maybe more Barbies, or even mini iPads. But then what? What do we buy next year? And honestly, most of their Christmas gifts lose their shine around Valentine's Day. So this year we thought let's do something big. Let's do something that they will be excited about and make some awesome memories. So with the help of my fantastic in-laws, The Crutchfields and The Goltz' will be going to Disneyland in May.

Here is the tricky part. Do we still buy small gifts for the girls. The need, wear, and read, are going to happen anyway, but do I add in that Barbie Fashion Design Studio? Does Mackenzie need another Elsa doll? Maybe just one? My hope is that they will be so distracted and excited that they will be going to Disneyland that they will forget about all those toys they circled in the Target mailer last week. I hope...

In the meantime, I can't wait to order their t-shirts from this shop. And then I'm hoping to find some fabulous bows for their hair too. I want to wrap it all up and put it under the tree with the passes. Do any of you in bloggyland know of anyone who makes Minnie Mouse ears on headbands? If so let me know.

So one gift down, and only all the rest to go! How on earth is it November 6th? I work in retail. I should know better. I should have been shopping since July!

Join us today for this fun link up! Let us know what you want for Christmas!


  1. I think that's a fabulous present, and really it's not over the top if you think about it because some families make a trip every year anyway! Hopefully the girls will be so excited that they'll just be happy with the other simple stuff.

  2. Check out @borntuturockjen on IG! She does all kinds of custom headbands. I've seen a really cute Minnie Mouse one in her Etsy shop! I ordered Frozen dresses from her for my girls, and they turned out friggin FANTASTIC! I would highly recommend her!

  3. Disney is sooo awesome! I think maybe just 1 toy each to go with the Disney? Then of course the need, wear, read.

  4. I would get them one of these great Elsa necklace's

  5. Hey! I know that shop that's making you a Disney shirt! ;)