What about that weekend though?

When I left work on Friday afternoon, I did so with a little more swing in my step. You see, I was walking away from the busy world of Thanksgiving decor and Christmas ornaments; and into the world of a three day weekend. What's that you say? A three day weekend? Well, that's almost unheard of in retail... Almost.

Saturday morning was spent blissfully on the couch. That was after a six thirty wake up call from my oldest who suddenly forgot it was mommy's first day to not have to wake up by alarm clock in over a month. I tried to be cool about it, but truth is I threw a fit and went and got into Mac's bed since there is a black out screen on her window. I got about an extra hour and a half. Then I got up and served a respectful breakfast of Oreos and Sweet tea and parked my ass on the couch. In a blanket. In last nights make-up, with zero intentions of moving. It was wonderful. It was bliss. I even read a book on my Kindle. 

But there was a home game and Daddy's Fraternity Alumni tailgate, and I have to be honest it wasn't on my list. All I wanted to do was to stay home and be lazy, and make a permanent dent in my couch. So I split the difference. The girls and I got decked out in our Fresno State gear and went to the tailgate for a few hours. It was nice, they were good, and right as the sun started to go down we got out of there.

On our way home we stopped at Whole Foods, and filled our baskets with too many prepared foods and expensive gluten free treats. The girls used their own mini baskets and I said yes to almost everything. Because it was that kind of day. We listened to Christmas music in the car, and I even let a person merge into my lane... I slowed down even. And it didn't go unnoticed. Caitlin remarked, "Mommy you must be really happy because you let that car do that and you didn't even yell". My reputation precedes me. 

Today I spent the day making tamales and sugar cookies with these ladies. It was wonderful in so many ways, because Sandi, my mom's best friend taught me the ways of the sugar cookie. That is a whole different post on it's own, but today was special in all the ways you would want it to be. And I'm tired and there are still dishes to be washed, and everyone had a tamale lunch and a sugar cookie dinner. I'm so tired as I type, but there is no other place I would have rather been today. Today really reinforced the idea of living in that moment. Even when you are tired. Even when you'd rather sleep. Even if you have other chores at hand. This moment, the one I had today, was the one that will make those lasting memories. 

I was even able to sneak in some cuddles with this guy. He is totally grabbing my boob in this picture, but if that ain't romance I don't know what it. I've missed these weekends. The kind where we do everything and nothing and it's all of the same importance. I miss being with my family all day, taking it slow, ignoring things like time. These kinds of weekends have become few and far between. So this is a weekend for the books. The last full one I will probably get until January. Trust me, I will be squeezing every ounce of joy out of this one.


  1. Y'all look so happy. It's great that you were able to have such a great weekend before the holiday boom begins.

  2. Aw. I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend. This post made me laugh and get emotional all at the same time. Something you are good at. I'm definitely going to enjoy my weekends a bit more now.


  3. Awesome weekend! Those types are the best! <3