You have to F**ing Eat {Book Review}

**An advanced copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for a review on this blog. It was the only form of compensation. The opinions are my own. Aren't they always?**

Who remembers the book that changed the lives of parents everywhere, Go the F**k to Sleep? I'm pretty sure it was a hilarious parody of this children's bedtime story, and it received rave reviews from editors and parents. You can even download an audio version that is read by Samuel L. Jackson. I mean, what is not to like?

Imagine my surprise when I was approached with an advanced copy of You Have to F**king Eat?

image via Amazon

Not only is this book funny and snarky, it uses my favorite "F" word. But more than that, it will make you laugh as it hilariously illustrates the battle that is mealtime. True to life situations  that parents of toddlers and young children face. Kids that refuse to eat. Kids that eat so little, you wonder how the hell they are still standing and jumping off the couches. Kids that refuse Cherios and Cheetos and even on the odd days chocolate, but have no problem eating last nights chicken nuggets they find under the table. This book gives you the real deal on getting your kids to eat, or not eat, or giving in to crackers or pancakes at the 11th hour just so you can go to bed.

image via the Publisher

This book provides you with the nitty, gritty, what the f**k is wrong with this child confirmation that you may need the next time you sit down for dinner. It's a quick read, and the prose will make you feel like a classy member of society again. It would make the perfect gift for new parents, expecting parents, and parents of toddlers. It's a perfect stocking stuffer for that person in your life that needs a good laugh about the kinds of epic food battles they have daily with kids who refuse to eat.

Now available on Amazon, get a copy today. And grab one for your friend who's kid will only eat foods that are white. They will thank you.


  1. I saw this book while I was looking for parenting books to put in a basket of parent goodies for math/literacy night. I think this book would be hilarious but probably not something my school would let me put in a basket for parents....oh how I wish.

  2. Sounds like Santa might be delivering this to Bennett. Sums up our parenting battles to a t.