Thankful 2014 {and Family Pictures}

Thanksgiving came and went. It was all so quick and sudden. Most likely because we were all sick in the week leading up to the big day. The week of Thanksgiving was a blur, full of doctor appointments and trips to Whole Foods and baking. I'm still traumatized by the baking! But we made it and we survived, and at the end of the day Thursday, I laid my head down with the realization that I was indeed thankful. Thankful for my family, my parents and grandparents, my Husband and my children. Even though the last month was so incredibly hard, knowing that the next month isn't going to be any easier. For every folly, there was a blessing. I'm so incredibly blessed that I have my family, the ones that traveled far to see us, the ones who live down the street. I'm so lucky to have the friends that I do, who send texts to say, "Hang in there", "Don't work too hard", and "Thinking of you". This year has been so challenging, so demanding, so full of follies, that sometimes I'm blind to the blessings. Until I look into the eyes of the ones I love and know, they love me back, they love me anyway, they love me despite. And that is more than I could ever ask. 

Photo credit goes to the amazing Laura Hernandez. She makes us look beautiful. Thanks Laura!


  1. Aw you guys are the cutest ever!

  2. What perfect family photos. Sorry to hear you were sick. If you still are, get well soon! (: