WTF are "Sick Days"?

It's late. I should be in bed, asleep, waiting on my four a.m. wake up call. Instead I'm here, because I couldn't go another day and leave this pretty little blog empty. The face lift looks pretty good don't you think?

I'm currently recovering from some kind of flu virus. The kind that hurts from your ears to your chest. The kind that makes you want to die every time you swallow. If I was a better person, I wouldn't complain at all. But I'm not, so here I am. I think my biggest complaint is that as a mother, I don't get sick days. Not really. Especially when one or more of your children is sick at the same time, which is totally what has happened over here. And yes, for a bit it totally sucked, and then it was kind of awesome, since we spent all day Saturday on the couch, watching Edward Cullen of all people. I was able to get a little sick time from work, but still had to log some hours Saturday night. It happens I get it, but really, a few sick days would be nice. 

Which brings me to the NyQuil commercial I saw last night. You know the one of the man, who says, "I've got to take a sick day", and then you see who he is talking to and it's his small son in a crib. Then it says something like "Dad's don't get sick days", as the camera shows the Dad peacefully sleeping. Okay, fine. Dad's need sick time too... But wait, immediately following that commercial was a DayQuil spot, of a woman asking for a sick day, then you realize she is asking her toddler aged daughter, then you see her during the day, with her daughter, and it says, "Mom's don't get sick days". I'm sorry, what? Are you telling me that Dad's get to take NyQuil and get a good night's sleep, but Mom's are designated DayQuil to make sure she puts on her big girl pants and can finish her "job", without sleep, or a nap, or even a hot meal? The Hubbs assured me that it was just a spot for cold medicine and that Moms or Dads or both can use NyQuil or DayQuil or whatever the hell they want. But I know. I see you "Ad-Man" I see you bending those gender stereotypes. I want a good night sleep, I deserve a good night's sleep... Or maybe I'm just bitter that I still don't get any sick days...

So as two of us are on the mend, and one of us is in the thick of it, we are slowly making our way towards Thanksgiving day, which is a ridiculous notion, because wasn't last Friday Halloween? I promise my next post will be less ranty, or what my bloggy friend calls, "Bitchy-Bitch".

Mostly I just wanted to write something in this pretty little space from Dream Thinker Designs.


  1. Love the new look! I've never noticed that in those commercials. Totally going to look now. Feel better all of you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (:

  2. I'm so over gender stereotypes it's not even funny. Apparently all men are terrible fathers and all women are born to parent. Wait. Nope.

    LOVE the new look, lady!! Beautiful!