Four Gifts: Wear {Slumber Party}

Today's four gifts is all about WEAR. This was an easy one for me since every year pajamas area always under the tree. Writing this post was so easy, I found all of these fabulous looks at Old Navy. Of course Old Navy isn't sponsoring this blog (insert ugly cry), but who cares. Their prices can't be beat and they always have fun and trendy items that can make any Christmas bright! I adore the pieces I found for the girls and I think I finally found something the Hubbs can't live without. Don't forget, this is a series with Alyson M, so join us, and link up! Now here is what will most likely be under our trees this year!

4 Gifts : Wear

For the girls, graphic tees are key. Hello Kitty is always a must and I threw in a night gown just for fun. We are very much a lounge wear family, so I added in some leggings that can cross over. There is nothing wrong with wearing leggings as pajamas, they make those trips to Starbucks so much more fashionable. Baristas have no idea that you are in pajama couture! These pieces are so fun, and even better, they are so affordable.

4 Gifts for Me

I'm the queen of lounge wear. I've added some velour pants, and I know they have been "out" for almost a decade, but by golly they are the comfiest! Plus, I will need any kind of Aztec printed cardi to get me through the "frozen" months of winter here in Fresno. Which is a joke since it's never really that cold, but we are wimps around these parts. I think this entire collection would make my Christams, especially those cat socks. The cat is wearing pink glasses. Pink. Glasses. What is not to like? I also I threw in a fleece blanket since I have a think for reasonably priced, printed fleece blankets. 

4 Gifts : The Hubbs

The Hubbs is in for a huge surprise. I'm going to track down that Clark Griswold shirt and guarantee it's under the tree. It's perfect for him, since we watch Christmas Vacation, every time it's on TV, no matter if it's the end, or the middle, or the beginning. Also it doesn't matter if it's spring, summer, fall, or Christmas. It's too perfect, and with those red and green plaid flannel pants? Amazing. Oh, and the other two sets aren't too shabby either. 

So what did you think? Did I inspire you to put some pajamas under the tree this year? What were your favorite pieces? Do you think if I tweet this link to Old Navy they will make my Christmas wishes come true and send me everything on this list? 

A girl can dream, right?

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