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Today was a typical and not so typical Thursday for AbsoluteMommy.  First off, I got my hair done.  Like cut and color done.  In an actual salon!  While sipping a hot tea from Starbucks.  With not one child crying, screaming, or pulling on my leg.  For a couple of hours it was just me, my Starbucks and my iPhone... Bliss.  And with new hair to boot... 

My Grande Awake, 4 sugars... Still upset that they don't have the Joy tea yet!  Ever have a Joy tea?  It's delish, it's a blend of black tea, white tea, and green tea.  I love it... Still I'm a little confused that Gingerbread Lattes are a go, but not Joy tea...

My new hair do... With shorter "fringe" in the front.  More layers, that I immediately pinned back off my face when I started to do dishes... I fear this is the new do... Bangs pinned back!  Ah, Motherhood.

We tried a new hat... Not sure she likes it because she tore it off after this picture.

A treat after preschool is pretty standard these days.  Today there were less tears at drop off.  I think that calls for a cookie.  Don't you think?

A sisters only tea party... Which I thought was very sweet.  I don't have sisters (other than sorority) so I love that they are best friends in the making... On other news, this was broken up when Mac decided overturned all the tea cups.  At least it was water.

This is what my couch looks like on a typical day.  My floor too.  These were Mac's cheerios, but she prefers them poured out.  Caitlin let me know, "Mom, she did it again!".  Well at least it kept Mac busy while I made these...

Gluten Free, cranberry, white chocolate chip cookies.  I used a box mix and added some flair.  And they are pretty yummy.  Good thing there are 24 of these bad boys!  Nothing says Thanksgiving like cranberry goodness.

Pretty good day, if I say so.  Well, we did have a slight fever incident with Caitlin.  I guess 101 degrees can't stop Caitlin from a tea party or an impromptu fashion show.  Which she wouldn't let me photograph!

How about you?  How was your Thursday?

Happy Blogging,

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