Big Sister Duties

I'm sure that being a big sister is hard work.  I wouldn't know as I'm an only child.  However, I have a pretty good idea that sharing your favorite things, like say, your mommy, and your favorite stuffed pig Olivia, is pretty much for the birds.

I have been trying, mostly in vain, to teach both my daughters that they need each other.  They need to be nice and loving and respectful.  They are going to be each other's best friend, whether they realize it or not.  On a daily basis, I'm on a mission to get Caitlin involved in helping Mac with things like getting her shoes on or getting a snack.  I'm also trying to make the whole concept of having a baby sister fun.

In that spirit, Monday was Mac's 18 month check up.  I asked Caitlin if she could come with me and be a good helper.  She would have rather stayed with Grandma Linda, but she unfortunately took a tumble and broke her shoulder... I can't tell you how crazy this situation is, but she is on the mend with great drugs to help the pain.  Anyway, since Caitlin couldn't be at Grandma Linda's she had zero options, and had to come be my helper. 

No sooner were we on our way when the questions started.  Will there be shots?  Don't know?  Will I have to get a shot too?  I don't think so... Famous last words!

Some funny faces before the doctor comes in...

Mac is really into sticking out her tongue...
So here they are happy and having fun, before the doctor came in.  I was still of the sound mind that Mac would most likely get shots, but not Caitlin.  This wasn't even her appointment.  As with most check ups it went quick, with minimal questions, since Mac is pretty healthy.  Healthy appetite, healthy temper, healthy sense of humor.  So imagine my surprise when the words "Flu Shot" was brought up.  Ah, yes, it's that time of year isn't it... FLU SHOTS!

Before I could even agree to the dreaded flu shots, Caitlin started crying!  Now here is the funny part, the story that baby books were made out of... All Caitlin kept yelling in between sobs was, "I'm just the HELPER!!!  I'm here to HELP!  I'm not here for shots!".  It took everything I had not to laugh, but then both kiddos were crying and it took everything I had not to have a crying panic attack... So I started promising the world... Starbucks' cake pops, Target, a new My Little Pony, ANYTHING!!!  As the negotiations continued, the nurse swept in and pop, one shot down, pop pop, two shots down for Mac.  Then as quickly as she appeared she disappeared... Magical freaking nurse! 

The crying stopped pretty quick.  Caitlin was still arguing that she was "just the helper, MOM!", and Mac was a little whinny.  So what do all great moms do in this situation.... Go to Target of course.

So yeah, I'm sure being a big sister isn't the best job to have at four years old.  It's got some serious downsides, that sharing stuff is super overrated.  But the perks are amazing... Secrets from Mom, a friend for life, growing up and never being lonely...  Big sister duties are blessings too right?

So how was your week?  Any flu shot drama?

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  1. Wow I really like this!!!! ... I can absolutely relate on so many levels! Can't wait to read more :-D thanks for the laugh.