ThanksBusy Week

Happy Black Friday my friends.  We made it.  Another Thanksgiving come and gone.  I think I'm going to miss it.  I was so super busy this past week that it flew by!  Add to that the Hubby is super sick, I'm getting what he's got, and we are all suffering from Holiday Hangover... Let's re-cap this wonderful week of giving thanks.

Cupcake monster!
This is how we started our week.  Celebrating Thanksgiving at John's mom's house last Sunday.  It was nice to see that side of the family and have the cousins play together.  Miss Mac could not be bothered with turkey, mashed potatoes, or green beans.  However, "cup cup"s as she calls them were her main course.  Yeah, she can't say milk, but she can say "cup cup".

This is what I made on Monday... Actually two of these beauties.  These are sweet potato pies that my mom usually makes.  If you haven't heard my mom took a tumble and re-broke her previously broke shoulder.  So she is in a sling and nowhere up to par to make pies or anything else.  Now I was super nervous.  I don't do pie crust (even store bought which these are).  I tried a pecan pie a few years back and the crust was burned and the middle raw.  So yeah... To my surprise these came out great!  I made them for my grandfather who is 80, and he said they were the best ever... Even better than my mom's... SCORE!

Look Ma, I'm smiling!!!
I'm sad that the pic above is blurry, but in my rush to get to this party, I forgot the camera.  Thanks to iPhone I've captured some of it.  You should know that this party started at 10 am and I had already been Christmas shopping at Target.  Yeah, I'm a little crazy.  Also this is a MAJOR improvement from the Halloween party just a few weeks before.  She cried the entire Halloween party.  So did her sister, who was in tow.  I'd be lying if I said it wasn't one of the worst hours I've spent in motherhood.  But look at this smile!  She was so happy at this party, she was involved and tried pumpkin pie for the first time.  The verdict?  "Pumpkin pie is so good with that cream on it!" direct quote!

Chocolate cakes... This is what Christmas smells like.
Tuesday night was chocolate cake night.  These cake will make your home smell like cinnamon goodness!  The melting margarine and cocoa powder on the stove will slay you.  No joke this cake is the business.  It's also the smell that reminds me most of Christmas.  My mom usually makes these, but I've made them before so I wasn't so scared.  They are so easy and they impress people when you say they are from scratch!  My mother's chocolate cake is always a winner.  I made three, then went to bed thinking it was Christmas and Santa was on his way.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the hams I did.  Again I did them because my mom can't, but secretly it was nice to know.  So if I ever want to make it for anyone else.  I had a great time baking, becoming more comfortable in the kitchen, and overall just helping out.

However I'm exhausted and didn't take any pictures with my phone yesterday.  Which is kind of a good thing, because it means it wasn't next to me, it was in my purse, quietly waiting.  It means I spent the time with family eating and watching football.  Watching my daughters have a fallen leaves fight with their dad.  It was a great Thanksgiving...

How many shopping day's until Christmas??? 

Happy Blogging,

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  1. looks like you had a great thanksgiving, that pie looks absolutely delicious :) and i love that your daughter says 'cup cup'