Halloween Hangover: A re-cap

The troops are ready to retreat. We've emptied that bucket once already!

I have a Halloween Hangover.  Sadly it's not from too much pumpkin ale or pumpkin martinis (do they have those?).  I didn't OD on candy corn or fun size Snicker bars either.  I'm just hungover from too much Halloween!

I thought I was tired when my kids were infants.  I guess I had no idea.  I'm to the point that no amount of caffeine is going to work.  I feel like we've been celebrating since last Saturday, the 22nd to be exact.  When did Halloween turn into a month long event?  Oh yeah, when we started school!

Here's a look at our Halloween adventures for 2011.  Let me just say at any given time at any given party my daughter Caitlin was dressed as the following... Pocahontas (Princess Bday Party); Wonder Woman (Superhero Bday party, School dress up day, around the house); and Barbie Fairy Princess (Halloween Party/School Halloween Party/Trick or Treating).  Mac went as a mini witch, which sometimes channelled a screaming toddler (see above photo), and she was Ariel (Princess Bday Party) and Spider Girl (Superhero Bday Party).  Enjoy these semi decent photos of them when they are not crying, trying to get out of their costume, and having a relatively good time...

Barbie Fairy Princess no wings, add boots, and yes they are wedge heeled.  Like momma like daughter.

She is pointing to her candy bucket and wondering why I'm taking pictures and not giving her more candy!

School party and one of the few times we had smiles.  If you ask her about the party she will tell you "I cried"
The Hubbs and I also got into the Halloween spirit.  We were invited to a grown up party.  We went as Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy Scott, minus Mason.  No kiddos at this party.  Are we channeling our inner Kardashian or what???
Ready for the red carpet, or a great Halloween party.

This is my model face... Yeah it needs work!
So did this re-cap wear you down?  Are you ready for bed?  Nursing your own Halloween Hangover?  Well happy November 1st.  Just think only 23 days until Thanksgiving and 53 days until Christmas!!! 
Yeah I'm not thinking about it either!

Happy Blogging,


  1. Love all the costumes! Abby is gonna want her own Barbie fairy costume..LOVE, LOVE, Love your adult costumes. You and John made a great Kourtney and Scott! Happy Halloween..until next year (or apparently the next holiday!)

  2. Halloween was crazy for us too. I was making fucking Frankenstein cupcakes Sunday night when we lost power. Wanna know what's hard to do by candlelight? EVERYTHING.

    Your kids are adorable though :)

  3. @Jaci - Yeah I totally thought of Abby! Check costume express it should be clearance now!

    @Jaclyn: I can't even imagine. Don't you just love when mother nature pulls a bitch move? Were you caught in that big freak storm? I can't remember what part of the country you are in! Sounds like an upcoming blog post!!!