The Little Tiny Baby Tree

This is a Christmas story for the ages.  Well for my Caitlin anyway, and one day when she has her own children who want ridiculous things, such as their own tiny two foot Christmas tree, I will gladly retell this story.
A girl and her tree

Two years ago, I was sick and pregnant with Mackenzie, and the only thing that would make me feel better was browsing Target while sucking on a Venti black iced tea.  My mom, Caitlin, and I would go at least three times per week, to browse, buy, and try to take my mind off my "all day" sickness.  We started this trend in the middle of November, and spent a great deal of time in the Christmas aisles.
A little back story here is necessary, so bare with me.  My mother LOVES Christmas trees.  She loves to buy them real or fake, and decorate them, and admire them, and decorate other peoples trees.  I'm very serious.  She loves decorating trees so much in fact that I did not know how to decorate a tree of my own, because she NEVER let me decorate the tree.  Oh sure she would say I could help, but I'd wake up the next morning and all the ornaments I had placed had been moved.  She had redecorated the tree in my absence.  So when I bought my first tree, in my first house, I had to call her to help me because I could not, COULD NOT, decorate it to Linda Hernandez standards! 
That said, on our Target trips we would ALWAYS stop to admire the fake trees, since my mother has a fake tree.  This is because her desire to put her tree up Thanksgiving night at two in the morning out weighs her love for the smell of a fresh tree.  (Another true story!  Ask her!).  So in our quest to admire and possible invest in another fake beauty, my little angel faced girl said, "I want the little tiny baby tree".  At first we ignored her, because what two and a half year old wants a tiny baby tree?  Maybe a chocolate tiny baby tree, but an actual one to decorate?  We could ignore her no longer when she started yelling "LITTLE TINY BABY TREE"!!!
I was crazy to think I could ever say no to this
Here is the part where most of you are going to think I'm crazy.  You will think that I let my children manipulate me into almost anything.  You'd be half right.  I took that into consideration when I actually checked the price on the tiny baby tree.  It was $9.99, no lights and 2 feet tall.  No big deal really.  I've paid way more for dolls and toys on Target trips.  So fine, a little tiny baby tree it is.  Also my mom was a HUGE advocate for the tiny baby tree, because it pulled at her heart strings, and as she put it, everyone deserves their own tree... Even at 2 and 1/2!
Now here is where I ran into the problem of the tiny baby tree.  Target was out.  Sure they had the 2 foot on with lights, but angel face could not do with lights.  They had pink ones and flocked ones and glitter ones, but alas they were not the "little tiny baby tree" of choice.  So I asked to buy the floor model, which they don't sell, because then it's not on display if someone wants to buy it... Uh hello, you are out, so even if someone sees it and wants it, they can't have it... But that's not how Target rolls, and so I had to roll to another Target. 
Two targets and another Lowes later, and still no tree.  So in my moment of disparity, I placed a call to my sister in law who lives directly across from a Super Target.  I gave her the description.  Explained the situation and then explained that angel face was still crying over this little tiny baby tree.  Thankfully by 7pm that night, I received a text message that the tree was in possession, and would be delivered tomorrow night.  Thank God, and thanks in laws!
Can't you see I'm decorating here!

Uncle Adam is overseeing the decorating
The little tiny baby tree was welcomed into our house with open arms.  I can't describe to you the look of joy and delight on my little angel's face.  It's why Christmas movies are made.  The absolute concentration and precision in which Caitlin decorated this tree I have seen before, in the face of her Grandma Linda while decorating her own tree. Caitlin loved and adored her little tiny baby tree that year.  Decorated and redecorated it.  She even let her dolls and babies join in the fun.  I had to pack up the tree and hide it in the top of our closet in February, because it was still out and still being decorated.
It's all in the details people!  It's gotta be perfect.

Last year, Caitlin let Mackenzie (at all of 6 months) enjoy the tree as well, by decorating it with pacifiers and teething rings.  She decorated the tree with new ornaments just for her, like Jessie from Toy Story, and two new snowmen.  Again, a tree of her own, just for her to love and adore.
Frosty's cousin
We took the tree down from the "attic" (the top of our hall closet) the Friday after Halloween.  While on a little shopping trip that week, Caitlin found a new glittery angel, that she said her "little baby tree" needed.  I couldn't refuse since we had already bought a few little ornaments at Target the day after Halloween (I couldn't believe it either, but Target was ready to go).  The tree is out, but on the top of the entertainment center for now.  Mac has decided that the tree is really an item meant for destruction.  I guess not everyone is born with the magical tree gene...
The "glitter angel" we "needed"
Pepper the dog (on the left) helped with the decorating.
Yes, that's a Jack in the Box snowman!
It's too early for Miss Tree Trimmer's close up
This "little tiny baby tree" will forever put the holiday spirit in my heart.  It will remind me of the sweet little angel face and her attention to the details.  It will remind me of the little  things that make all difference to kids.  Seeing Christmas through your child's eyes is one of the greatest joys anyone can experience.  Getting the tree out and enjoying the moment was just what I needed to jump start the season.  In that moment, I forgot about the money, the Christmas cards, and the excess.  It was just me and my girls, and a "little tiny baby tree" to kick off the holidays.
Happy Blogging,
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