Sick Leave

I bet you are reading this because you want to know what the heck I'm talking about.  I bet you know as well as I do that if you are a mom, there is not such thing as sick leave.  No mental health days and no vacation.  You are a mom, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I could be in the middle of no where in a sweat lodge, roasting, and I'd still be worried about my kiddos and also very guilty because I was alone in the middle of no where in a sweat lodge.  Don't you dare laugh at me because you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm sick.  I'm also sick of being sick.  I have this sinus, head pressure, eye popping thing that has been driving me crazy for a week.  I've also had 2, yes TWO ocular migraines since Thanksgiving, that blurred my vision and gave me vertigo.  If you haven't met vertigo, think really drunk with the spins, minus the drunk.  So yeah, I feel great (sarcasm voice).

I'm also tired since the hubby and baby are sick too.  Ok so she's 18 months, but she hates her snotty nose too so she just wipes it on whatever she comes in contact with.  My pants, my shirt, her sisters hair, the chair... You name it, it's been slimmed.  GROSS!!  So it looks like baby may be going to the doctors tomorrow and I'll have to put it off one more day...

Also I hate the doctors.  This is from a really checkered past with many doctors, so it's not that I just don't want to go.  I really don't want to go.  I know I will have to break down and go though because I seriously think my eye is gonna pop out of the socket.  Also I keep losing my voice intermittently, which is not conducive to mothering!

I did however go to the eye doctor on Saturday.  Just to make sure it was indeed an ocular migraine and not a tumor (it's not a tu-mah).  It's just a migraine, FUN!  Also I need reading glasses, since I mostly read computer screens, and blog.  SO that was really fun, no this time there is no sarcasm, as I got a new pair of glasses.  Caitlin says they look like the "nerds" on the new Gwen Stefani line at Target.  So am I a chic nerd?  We will soon find out. 

So I want some much needed sick leave.  Especially since my littlest is crying right now for no reason other than she feels a lot like I feel.  How awful it mus be to be that little and feel this bad. 

So that's it.  If you all figure out a way to get me some sick leave let me know.  Actually just a really good nights sleep would probably help a lot, but with being on call like those Greys Anatomy interns from season one (my favorite by the way), its probably not in the cards...

Happy Blogging (achoo),

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  1. I know how you feel.. My daughter and I are both sick and hubby works 12-16 hour days.. Suuuuucks.