Wore {Halloween Party}

What do you do when you see a DIY costume for a pinata on Pinterest?

You make the Hubbs wear his "I'd hit that" shirt with a similar pinata.
Then you DIY your own pinata costume and you go to your neighbors costume party.
Have I mentioned that my neighbors host youth group on Wednesday nights?
Yeah, we are so totally those neighbors.

Look, I bought my Hubbs that shirt years ago, because let's face it, it's so him.
He tried to wear it to the Bon Jovi concert and I stopped him because it's a little faded.
But I'm pretty sure that was fate reminding me he had such a shirt, then God intervened and told the Pinterest Gods to place in my "DIY costume" feed, a DIY Pinata Costume.

Come on.  It was a given, am I correct?

So that's what we wore.
And we got 76 likes on Facebook.
I'm pretty sure that's winning at Halloween Costumes.

This is my "hit me I poop candy" face.

My kids weren't left out either.
This was also a kid party.
Did I forget to mention that?
My kids thought it was hilarious that Daddy was trying to "hit" Mommy.
Thank God, he brought that bat!
Way to turn this into a birds and bees conversation.
Parents of the Year, party of two.

Caitlin was Skelita from Monster High.
I did her make up and hair.
She's pretty adorable anyway, but with some day of the dead make up?
She was just thrilled that she got to wear loads of it.

Why yes, this is my kid not wearing her Minnie Mouse costume.
How on earth did you guess?
We took an old dance recital costume, added "glass" slippers (jellies), one princess hat that for the love of all things holy would not stay on her head, and some Cinderella jewelry.
Awesome, if you consider she had a completely acceptable Minnie Mouse costume in her closet.
But she's cute, and I usually let her get away with everything anyway.

The Crutchfields brought it this year in the costume department.
Oh sure that Up costume trio was great, I mean I'm sure the Dad in that family spent a thousand hours on the cardboard replica of the up house, in the correct colors, with details down to the mail box, that he wore.  And the wife's scouting costume, and the little guys old man sweater and custom made 24 inch walker.  I mean that was awesome, but...

I was a pinata that the Hubbs would totally hit.


  1. So fun! I showed your picture the other night to Matt and we were cracking up. The girls are adorable too! Nice job, mama!

  2. I think that's a great costume! :D

  3. I loved your costumes!!! I was one of the 76 likes, by the way:) I'm so happy you posted today - I thought you were on your break already and I got sad :/
    Love ya friend!

  4. I thought it was absolutely perfect that y'all are those parents. It cracks me up that y'all are still so fun.