Naps happen in the car.
In the three minute drive to pick up big sister.
And then I have to wake her and she is cranky for the rest of the day.

I've been cleaning out my scrap fabric and making garland.
And it's sort of addicting because ripping fabric is a really great release.
Rip some fabric, then tie it to some ribbon.

We've been cheering our butts off.
And we love it.
We are already planning on doing it again next year.

This girl has been dressing herself.
And I have to say she's pretty good.
She has also been pretty cooperative for pictures.

Date nights have been football games.
Selfies are a must.
Even when they involve tongue.

The tailgating doesn't stop even for away games.
Tailgating at home means getting to show off our cheer uniform.
Go Dogs.

We had a house guest for the week.
This is Jenny and she had her own hashtag on Instagram.
We had a lot of fun playing and hanging out with Jenny.
Caitlin was sad to see her go.

We've been trying new things.
Like Cup o' Noodles from Snack Shack.
Caitlin had never had them before.
She approves.

Miss Mac has been shopping at Whole Foods.
These little carts are not only cute, but functional.
Just be warned that Mac may not approve what you are buying,
so you may have to get your own cart.

I've been dressing outside of my comfort zone.
These trouser jeans have been sitting in my closet for years.
I pulled them out to celebrate date night at the Bon Jovi concert.
Speaking of Bon Jovi, that guy puts on a great show.

I've been slowly accepting the fact that my hair is more grey than brown.
I finally made it to the salon after 2 months to get my roots professionally done.
It's amazing what a few hours of the salon can do for your soul.

I've been participating in some adoption exchanges for this gal.
Her new one goes live on Monday.
They are so much fun, and look at what I got.
Is it too early to hang it up?

We've been thinking that school is not so bad.
In fact we aren't crying as much on school days.
But from what Miss Mac says, she would rather be at home 
playing with Barbies.

We've accepted Hostess cupcakes into our hearts.
This was Caitlin's first one, which is surprising since we do not discriminate
when it comes to junk food in our house.

I've been reminiscing about motherhood, and found one of my favorite pictures.
This was about the time I got my smile back.
Look at Caitlin, she's like 18 months old.

I've been obsessing about my weight.
And not in a good way.
It's sick, but I'm not the only woman who does that.
Laura took my picture on Saturday, and I'm surprised at how I look.
Sometimes the mirror can be a liar.
Or maybe I'm the liar.

We've been taking our Sundays nice and slow.
I snapped this picture right before I took a nap.
Looks like the Hubbs needs a snuggy for Christmas.
Also he likes to remind me that I'm number one...

We've been mixing prints, rocking our new hair cut, and 
smiling big for the camera.  
Even when it takes mom 5 pictures to get a good one.

Lately we have been living and laughing.  This week we have been so busy we can't breathe.
Lately we've been enjoying cool mornings and warm afternoons.  We've been reading books for school and doing homework for hours.  We've been watching Austin and Ally, we've been listening to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, we've been singing Roar at the top of our lungs.  We've been cheering and dancing.  Celebrating birthdays and taking family pictures.  We've been trying our best, never giving up, and dreaming of nights where we all get at least eight hours of sleep.

It's been a pretty good life, lately.


  1. This post makes me happy. I only know you in a digital sense and still I got tons of warm, fuzzies when seeing all of the pictures and your recap on how simple and wonderful life is. :) Also, you are stunning. Just saying.

  2. this post really brought tears to my eyes. I love that you love your life - imperfections and all. I love how much you love your kids - even when being a Mama is the hardest thing in the world. I think you're gorgeous. I think you need to do a DIY on ripping fabric and making garlands - for those of us frustrated but are DIY inept. And keep up your fabulous work! And so awesome your supporting adoption for all these amazing families. My hubs and I are going to our first family adoption interest meeting in November and we are both excited and terrified, all at once!

  3. I love this post, rock...the #absolutehubbs No. 1 salute? even better! Got to get our guys together...they're from the same mold. mirror you have? Replace it. Now. Because you look fricken hot, sista! Wanna be my bloggy wife? LMAO

  4. Use those scraps for tutus!! The girls will love them! Love you!