A word to the wise {humpday happenings}

Warning.  Cable television just may be the death of the modern house wife.  The modern stay at home mom.  The modern woman.  As if I needed another reason to shirk responsibilities like dishes and laundry.  Like I need another excuse as to why I was should stay in my work out clothes and dirty hair for a few more hours.

Feast your eyes on the reason.

Uh, Hello?  Excuse me?  Now how am I supposed to peel my ass off the couch and do some laundry when these guys are peeling off their clothes? Seriously?  I asked my BF how on earth can Showtime in good conscience show Magic Mike before nine o'clock in the morning?  

I mean really.

Housewives everywhere let down their families last Tuesday morning around the country.  No house work was done.  I'm sure children were bribed with sodas, candy, and quite possibly ice cream cones, all in the name of Channing Tatum.  And if Channing doesn't float your boat, don't forget about this guy...

So yeah.  No laundry.  No dishes.  No nothing.  I blame Showtime.  But then as I was convincing myself to change the channel, because what kind of woman sits at home and watches Magic Mike before nine am, this happened on the WE channel:

Come on people!  Now, here was the dilemma.  Scrap all TV, turn on CNN, and listen to the pundits and talking heads drone on about something important and government related?  OR, keep switching channels back and forth to watch my favorite parts of both movies, not bothering with house work, or breakfast, or even trying to clean myself up before preschool pick up?

I'm sure you know what I choose.

So I ask you, what would you have done in this situation?  I mean clearly I took this as a sign that a higher power was telling me that I had more important things to worry about other than laundry. I took it as a sign that the universe wanted me to enjoy myself.  Because I was basically presented with enough "Hey, girl" material to last a lifetime.

And in case you were wondering, today was more of the same, because this was on:



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  1. I don't have cable, so I get to miss out of joys like this. Ahhh... I would've chosen movies over housework. Definitely.

  2. When the kids are up, we usually keep the tv off, except for their 2 half-hour cartoons they are allowed each day. But if it was on at naptime?! Yea, all bets are off. TV it is!

  3. Dang it!! We are so screwed! Lol.