Wore: Confession

Last week I posted this outfit of the day.

Long shirts cover up my dark secret...

This outfit was my, "let's pretend it's not going to be 80 degrees at the pumpkin patch today, since this is California and not Wisconsin", outfit.  Experience taught me (from Caitlin's trip just 2 years prior with the same school), that wearing flip flops in the dirt was not a good idea. So boots it was, along with some jeggins, a layering tank, and a nice wine colored top.  All things I've had in my closets since last fall.  All things that have brought me happiness and confidence.  But, if I left this post at that last sentence I'd be a liar.

Here is my confession for the day:

I cut the waistband of those jeggings.

Because they were too damn tight in the waist.
Because I'm a little heftier than I was last year.
Despite working out daily for the last, oh, eight weeks.
Because I didn't have the spare cash to buy some bigger ones.
Because I just can't abide by no bigger ones.

Look, I've decided, I have earned the right to cut the waistband to get my chubbier middle into some jeggings.  Those damn things fit everywhere else.  They fit good in the thigh, they are the perfect length, and guess what, you couldn't tell that the waistband was cut.  Also I eat sticks and fruit.  I mean I don't eat grain, I don't eat dairy, I don't eat sugar or dairy or even caffeine.  There is no joy in my life (just when it comes to food), so by God if I want to cut the waistband, I'm cutting the damn waistband.

Who am I kidding.  I'm writing this to convince myself that it's ok.  I'm writing this to convince myself that cutting the waistband was a better option than crying as I stepped on the scale again.  A better option than binge eating Lara bars and coconut milk ice cream.  A better option than wearing them tight and wondering if people were staring at my obvious belly bulging over the top of my pants.

So I cut the waistband.  I put on that outfit and tried not to think about my dirty little secret.  I posted that picture above on Instagram and you all said such wonderfully nice things about said outfit (which is also great for my ego, thank you very much).  

But I bet not one of you thought, 

That bitch cut her waistband.

Am I right?

Don't forget you can still get this rad shirt while
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  1. cutting your waistband? fucking genius. good for you! and the outfit is uber cute cut waistband and all. :)

  2. I LOVE that you cut the waistband. That's awesome. Because you know what? NONE of us knew. And I'd NEVER imagine that you're "heavier" (you are SO far from heavy that it's hard to even type that) this fall than you were last. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're gorgeous and you're doing what you have to do to take care of your body. Love you, friend!

  3. Sounds like you and I are in the same "diet", damn food allergies! I have the same problem with pants as well and it drives me nuts! Why can't the extra lbs go to my booty or boobs?
    Your outfit is way cute, and I will tell you what my sis tells me about my body issues...it's all in your head-you look GREAT!

  4. That's a good idea! I would never have thought to do that!

  5. YOU are friggin hilarious! Been reading for a couple months now but first time commenting. This post is why I make sure I read your blog everyday. Because it is highly likely the stuff you've done or are going through and are writing about, I have done my damn self! Love it!

  6. LOL! Do what you gotta do! You rocked that outfit no waist band and all! XOOX

  7. You looked freakin great! Cut waistband and all. What a genius idea! I need someone to go buy me a bunch ofcute stylish clothes..

  8. Dude. I love you.
    I do the hair tie through the hole to hold the button on the other side jean trick.


    Ya know what. EFF that. Nobody knows. Nobody cares. I think that cut waste bands and rubber bands are better than being uncomfortable - and that shit looks horrible!