Caps for Chemo {via Handmade Escapade}

One of my favorite shop owners and bloggers is here today with a major project in the fight against Cancer.  You may remember back in October when I promoted the "Breast Friends" t-shirt.  Well Katy is back, with an even bigger project that will touch twice as many hearts!  
Check her out and be sure to enter her giveaway!

Hey Absolute Mommy fans!  My name is Katy and I am a [slightly crazy] redhead with a mega-girl crush on Megan.  This is my first ever guest post and I’m STOKED that I get to hang out on this brilliant space on the internet.
I’m a northern Michigan native turned West Virginian (go Mountaineers!).  I’m wife to a bearded, flannel loving, stay-at-home dad and momma to a sweet little 3-year old boy and two fur baby dogs.  I over-caffeinate, wear too much purple, drink lots of craft beer and love all things handmade. 
I blog about my family, life and projects at Wild & Wanderful (a play on WV’s state slogan “Wild and WONDERful) and run an indie business where I sell my handmade goods called Handmade Escapade.

Megan shared her space with me today to let me talk about my project “Caps for Chemo”.  It’s a BOGO program at it’s finest: BUY one, GIVE one.  Order a custom made hat from  me during the month of January and I’ll make two!  One for you, one for someone going through chemotherapy.  It’s kind of awesome.

What exactly is ‘Caps for Chemo’? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
In 2010, a friend and I dreamt up a way to take these tiny selling platforms of ours and turn them into something positive for our surrounding communities.  Naturally, when you have a knitter and a crocheter in a brainstorming session together, you’re going to come out of it with a hat promotion.
With the backing of some amazing individuals, I’ve been able to continue this for four consecutive years.  My friends, family and fans have all been huge supporters.  Each year, an outpour of generous people purchase and donate hats for chemotherapy patients nearby.
I’m not a doctor, I can’t cure cancer.  But I can cover some heads with some cute hats!
Hair loss for people during their chemotherapy treatments tend to be something that is a difficult thing to grasp.  It’s bad enough that they are going through all of the health-related issues…but to have people actually “see” that they are sick tends to make it a bit harder.  With Caps for Chemo, we try to alleviate some of that discomfort – by helping keep the noggins of these brave individuals both warm AND stylish.

How can I help? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
That’s the easy part!  Simply order a Caps for Chemo promo hat from my shop during the month of January and I handle the rest.  Each hat ordered is made twice: the first goes to you (the buyer) and it’s duplicate goes to a chemotherapy patient in my local area.
Where exactly do the donated hats go? ----------------------------------------------------------------------I have a connection through Western Pennsylvania & West Virginia Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  I’m located in Wheeling, West Virginia and it’s only fitting to donate to a local chapter and help my neighbors out a little bit!!
Each hat will have a donation card attached to it, telling the recipient where and whom their new headwear donation is from.  (I don’t put last names, for your privacy!!)
Why the LLS [Leukemia & Lymphoma Society]? --------------------------------------------------------------
Unfortunately, cancer is something that my family has come to know a little too well.  There have been four people in my immediate family diagnosed with cancer.  The “C” word.  Gross.
I’ve now had a total of three people on my mom’s side of the family be affected specifically by Lymphoma.  For some reason or another, it just doesn’t want to leave us alone.  The LLS has been very supportive of my family and I’d do anything to help others that are in similar situations.
For more information about the LLS, here are some websites:
Okay, how do I get started? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The 2014 promo launched January 1, 2014.  All of the available hats are listed in my shop (sizes XSmall – XLarge) and you can find them all in the Caps for Chemo section [HERE].
Questions??  Just email me:
And just because I love all things Megan, I’m going to give one of her awesome-sauce followers a hat of their very own!  PLUS, a second one will be donated in their name with the rest of the Caps for Chemo pile of goodness.
Can I get a ‘whoop whoop’ for that?  Thanks Megan for letting me hang out here today!!
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  1. I love, LOVE this project and the concept of giving back, especially to those who sometimes feel like their bodies are against them when battling this ugly disease. I love all of the new designs (the penguin is my favorite), though I have another plan in mind that I've talked to Katy a late Christmas gift for my sister. Looking forward to support this cause and see how many others get in on the act!

    1. I'm so glad that you know Katy! Isn't she great?? I love this project as well. It's a great idea, and I like the fact that you are kind of paying it forward to some one who really needs it. Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway!

  2. I would have the girl edition of the rainbow chevron made! :D

    Kitty - Undecided Answer

    1. LOL, I've actually requested the Star Wars one with a FLOWER on it! LOL, what kind of fangirl am I??

  3. Love the robot cap! What a great cause, thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Megan! I appreciate your support!

  4. It's hard to choose, they're all so cute! I think my daughter would love the Raccoon earflap hat.

    1. The raccoon ear flap is so cute!! Thanks for stopping by and the tweet love! You're the best!

  5. Raccoon or fox! Dying at the cuteness and such a great cause!

    1. OMG Kristine! Mags totally needs the FOX! I can already see it! And Mia needs the purple owl! XOXO

  6. This is such an amazing cause!! I would totally get the Dinosaur Earflap Hat made! So cute!