What I Eat Wednesday {Introducing 3 Phase Paleo}

**This post is sponsored by Paleo Parents, however the thoughts and opinions are all mine.  Paleo Parents are not medical professionals, and neither am I.  This is a post about a lifestyle that I follow, and a book written about that lifestyle.  Before starting any new health regimen, please consult your regular care physician.  Thanks.

I know this isn't your typical Wednesday post, but I get a lot of questions about what I eat.  For three years I have been eating food that is free of grains, sugar, dairy, and caffeine.  Crazy right?  So the question that pops up the most is, "what on earth do you eat?", and my simple answer is chicken and avocados.  But there is a lot more to my diet than that.  Today I'm going to share with you the Paleo Lifestyle.  I say life style because it's so much more than a diet, and with the help of a new ebook, 3 Phase Paleo, understanding and committing to the Paleo Lifestyle has never been easier.

Last fall I discovered Paleo Parents on Instagram, after following Danielle Walker.  The Paleo Parents are amazing and have written two cookbooks, Eat Like a Dinosaur for your celiac/paleo kid, and Beyond Bacon, which is literally filled with Bacon/Pork madness.  I bought it for my mom for Christmas and there is something in there called "Bacon Jam" that you can dip apples in... Hello!  Following them on Instagram is a lot of fun and very informational because their entire family eats paleo, even their young boys!  What started out as a mission for better health for Stacy, has turned into a lifestyle for the entire family. 

3 Phase Paleo

3 Phase Paleo is completely different from any other Paleo book I have purchased.  This book introduces you to the Paleo Lifestyle in a way that looks at whole health.  Do you or someone you know suffer from an autoimmune illness?  Do you suffer from seasonal allergies or food allergies?  Are you looking for a way to cut out unwanted chemicals and preservatives out of your family's life?  This book will give you information that can answer any and all of those questions.

3 Phase Paleo

But in addition to answering questions on the whys of the Paleo Lifestyle, 3 Phase Paleo takes it a step further by helping you transition into Paleo in three phases.  In Phase One you start by cutting out all gluten, refined sugars, and chemical laden and processed foods.  The book includes (printable) shopping lists, and a chart to show you just how to move from over processed foods to "paleo" foods.  For example you go from pancake syrup, to pure maple syrup, to grade B maple syrup.  You can move from regular cold cuts, to organic cold cuts, then finally to proteins made at home, cutting cold cuts out completely.  This information in Phase One is extremely valuable, especially if you'd like to move your entire family, kids included, over to a Paleo Lifestyle.

Phase Two includes cutting out grains all together, dairy, processed oils (corn, vegetable, soy, canola), and legumes.  They give you substitutions for each, and let you know where to find the recipes later in the book.  Cutting out all grains and processed oils is difficult, I know that for sure, but what this book does is give you clear guidelines, products they favor (and not because of endorsements), and ideas on how to eat a Paleo Lifestyle at home and on the go.  This includes a list and photo on how to stock a Paleo Pantry, and a guide on how to eat at some choice restaurants on the go.

Finally in Phase Three, you will get an introduction to healing foods, bone broth and fermented foods included.  As someone who suffers with a few autoimmune illnesses, this information is informative and invaluable.  I'm a firm believer that food can heal you from the inside out.  In Phase Three you will find out how to use healing foods to do just that and more.  This is a major part of the Paleo Lifestyle because many of us who follow it, rely on it to keep us healthy.

Now for my favorite part... The Recipes!
3 Phase Paleo

I'll be honest with you, going from a Gluten Free diet to a Grain Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free diet was scary.  Three years ago I cried that I had to give up rice and my Starbucks Ventis.  Today, I grateful for the discovery that the majority of foods I was eating, while they were gluten free, were causing me major health problems.  In discovering that I was allergic to most grains, whether they were gluten free or not, I felt like I would never eat anything but chicken and avocados.  I couldn't have been more wrong, but it has take me three years to feel like I'm eating good food again, and not just rabbit food.  Recipes like these in 3 Phase Paleo make it easy and delicious to maintain my Paleo Lifestyle.  From the very basic, but delicious, Easy Peasy Pancakes, to the amazing Spaghetti Squash Alla Carbonara, you will not go hungry without free reign on fast food.  I promise.

What I liked about the recipe section were the easy to follow directions (since I'm not the best in the kitchen) and the beautiful pictures of food that made my mouth water.  Most of the recipes require ingredients that are easy to obtain, nothing crazy that you may or may not have to order on Amazon.  And many of them are kid friendly, or can be made that way, since this is a book for the entire family.

This book grabbed my attention immediately because it is a fool proof way to make a major lifestyle change.  Eating this way is not easy, it takes prep, it takes commitment, but with this book, you could be on your way to a chemical free, preservative free lifestyle in just three easy phases.  If you have been thinking of eating the Paleo way, or if you suffer from an autoimmune illness, take a moment and check out 3 Phase Paleo.  It's a great way to start out the year, to jump start your health, or make that change that you have been thinking about.

I'll admit that there are some days that I really wish I could just drive thru and order my dinner.  There are days when I wish I could just grab a bagel and a coffee and go.  But I can't, not without seriously getting sick.  I get that choosing a Paleo Lifestyle seems like a simple choice for me, and on most days it is.  But I'm grateful for finding a way to stay healthy, not just for me, but for my family.  I can't be mom if I'm sick and in pain, so I've committed myself to this lifestyle.  After reading this book, I'm even thinking about phasing my family into a more Paleo way of life.  If you have ever wondered what I eat, or why everyone is gaga for Paleo, this book will give you all the details.  Recipes included.


To purchase your copy of 3 PHASE PALEO click here.

**This post was sponsored by Paleo Parents
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