Life Lately {Settling In}

Tuesday will mark two full weeks of being back in the workforce.  What do I have to say about it?  About a million things.  But first I will say this.  The transition has been rough on all of us.  The Hubbs included.  The kids have had all sorts of emotions.  I will admit that I have cried.  But it's also been fun and liberating.  You can teach this old dog to do new tricks.  Like work new fangled touch screen registers, or understand a new data base.  I feel like in a month, none of the hard stuff will matter.  Do I have a few posts about our transition in greater detail?  Yes.  Do I have time to write them now?  No, because I have to get ready for work.  It's a fine balance, but for now, here is a quick recap of how we are settling in.

If you didn't read last weeks post, I've found a new mantra.

Last Tuesday I spend the entire day drowning in girl scout obligations.
It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't run out of printer ink.
Or if I would have gotten then chance to shower.
Pony tail and extra deodorant for the win.
Oh, and don't forget the dry shampoo.

You can laugh all you want, but this was set as an event and an alarm in my phone.
I bought my ticket so fast that my confirmation was sent at 9:02.
Tickets went on sale at 9:00.
Now, I've requested the days, so lets all pray it goes according to plan.

 I put my heart out there again, and you all were so kind and generous in your comments.
I'm sure not everyone would agree with my post, but having the support of such 
a rich blogging community means so much to me.
Thank you a million times over.

The same day I posted my scary post, my oldest gal made me a loom bracelet.
Our neighbor and friend gave Caitlin a loom and now we are in the thick of it.
If I could just figure out how to finish the bracelet without it falling apart!
Google and YouTube here I come!

It's cookie time for us Girl Scouts in Fresno.
And all I can think about is Troop Beverly Hills.
Where on earth is my shopping patch???

Wore my Lisa Leonard necklace and then proceeded to snap a photo of my ugly bedroom.
I swear it looks like me and the Hubbs live in a Fraternity house!
The rest of the house is good.
Our bedroom is bits and pieces of whatever people were getting rid of.
Except for the bed.
We got a Cal King a few years back!

I'm a little sad this project has taken a back seat.
I'm trying to really make it a priority and hammer out some writing time.
It's hard to post original content here, and then more original content somewhere else.
But I'm working on it.

 The other night when I got home from work, this little miss was still up.
I went and got in bed with her and she asked if we could 
take some pictures with my phone.
We took about eight, but I like this one best.
Sometimes you just have to surrender to the selfies.

 Saturday night I had every intention of writing and blogging.
Really pumping out some posts, getting set up for the week.
I had an entire evening to do it too, but I had zero motivation.
Then I sat down and watched an episode of Girls.
What is it about  Girls that motivates the writer in me?
This quote was one of the best of the half hour.
After she yells that at Adam her boyfriend, she says something like,
I'll be here living my truth, you go on and live yours.
Amen sister.

So here is a little bit about our life lately.  It's been busy and full and messy.  So not much has changed except Mommy wears more make up, she can't always be home for dinner, and she's going to need a little more time to settle in.


  1. That is a huge adjustment!! I'll be praying for you all.
    Btw I'm going to Elevate too!!

  2. Well it appears you are rocking it. I know it is hard but it looks like you are happy. I wish y'all lived closer so I could buy lots of cookies. I need several boxes of everything :)

  3. I LOVE Troop Beverly Hills! I now must go and try to find a way to watch it! Sending lots of extra positive thoughts your way as you and the family settle in to this new routine!

  4. Such a big transition! Keep on rockin it Megs!