Working Girl {week one 2014}

It's safe to say that if you follow me on Instagram then you know I returned to the work force last week.  It's been six years since I've had a steady job that requires me to wear make up and pants that don't have an elastic waist.  In addition I can't wear jeans or Toms.  What's a girl to do?  Buy a few pieces here and there, then shop the hell out of her closet that she has been ignoring for the better part of the last six years.  Thanks to all my Instapals for your kind comments on my pictures.  You all make me feel better about some of my work clothing choices.  I feel like I'm a little rusty.  But I'm working my way back into the game.  Here is what I wore on week one.  

For the record I didn't wear the jacket or scarf at work.
But I kind of like the way this all goes together.
I look like one of those people on Pinterest who are walking carefree in the park,
holding a coffee, and an awesome tote bag.  But I'm not because,
I don't have anyone to take my pictures.
Also I'm wearing my wedding ring again, because now I have somewhere to wear it.
Scarf: Eddie Bauer Outlet (this year)
Denim Jacket:  The Gap (circa 2001)

Actual outfit worn for my return into the wonderful world of retail.
Lace shirt: Kohl's, Lauren Conrad (fall 2013)
New Black Skinnies: Ann Taylor Loft (after Christmas sale 50%off)
Layering tank: Target
Brown Boots (my old stand bys): Kohl's (2012)

I had this mapped out in my mind for a few days, but with a denim shirt.
The denim shirt wasn't dressy enough for my taste so I added a mustard cardi.
Same boots as Monday, and a layering tank to make sure my boobs didn't fall out.
I mean no one wants to see those, I promise.
New gray trouser skinnies: Anne Taylor Loft (this year, 50% off at their clearance sale)
Lace tank: Target (summer)
Layering tank: Old Navy
Boyfriend Cardi: Target (last year)

Lets have an honest talk here.  The pants I'm wearing, I found them in a bag
marked garage sale, no joke.  The Hubbs brought in the bag from the last garage sale, I went through it again and found these brown pants from, wait for it, 2001.  They were bought the same day as the denim jacket in picture one.  Cardi, blouse, and nude flats are new purchases.  I liked this outfit because it was comfortable, but looked put together.
Cream cardi: Target
Polka Dot Shirt: NY and CO
Brown trousers: Gap (2001)
Nude flats: Payless

Let's talk dirty mirrors for a moment.  Didn't notice it until I was ready to post this picture.  Shameful.
Skinny trousers again, but only because my other pants are getting alterations.
Wine and leopard is a combo that I just love.  Brown boots again, but they are hard to see.
Those babies are from Kohl's.  Also the leopard sweater is from Mervyn's (moment of silence for dead retailers), and its from the girls department because I'm kinda short.

So remember that giveaway from Kiki La Rue I won?  Well I indulged in this gold and black cardi called the Gatsby.  The gold is fantastic and has some shine to it.  I'm not usually a fan of gold and shiny, but it's super glamorous.  I paired it with a different lace shirt that has sleeves (that you can't see), and black trousers I found hiding in my closet from my former life as an escrow assistant.  New black flats that aren't as comfortable as my nude ones, which sucks because these were twice as much!
Gatsby Cardi: Kiki La Rue
Lace Shirt: American Eagle (2012)
Black Trousers: Ann Taylor Loft (circa 2006)
Black Flats: Aldo

All in all a great first week at work.  Did my feet hurt?  Yes.  Was I exhausted?  Absolutely.  Did I have fun?  Yeah, I really did.  Being out in the world is kind of fun.  Did I miss my bloggy world and Instagram friends?  So much.  But by posting my outfits everyday, I felt like I wasn't totally in the dark.  And look at this selfie, I even wore earrings.  It says a lot about a person's new adventure in life, when it requires her to do her eyebrows and wear earrings on the same day.  Snort.

PS: if you want to follow my inspiration for all my work outfits,
follow my Working Girl board on Pinterest.


  1. I'm so glad you had a great first week back in the workplace!


  2. Aw you look good! Congrats on your first week!

  3. Welcome back to the work force! Hope you all get into the swing of things as soon as possible. How are the girls handling the fact that their mom now works full time?

    I'm sorry to hear you can't wear jeans or Toms to work, what the heck? I would die, I live in my jeans (thank goodness I work for the only Bank in the world where they pretty much don't care how you dress). That said, you did a pretty awesome job with regards to your back-to-work wardrobe

  4. Look at you! So fun! The last pic is my fav ;) P.S. I always have to have earrings in! Don't leave the house without them :)

  5. You look great! I love that striped cardi. :)

  6. The last two outfits are my fave and so YOU! You looked fab~you~lous on your first week! WOOT WOOT!

  7. Congrats on an awesome first week! Here's to many more awesome work weeks! You look fab!! :)

  8. You look really great with your hair up. I'm glad your first week went so well. I'm curious to hear more about how work is going. How is the family adjusting? You are dressing for success!

  9. I love all these outfits! You look fabulous!
    And, I totally missed this ~ so where is the new job? ...or what are you doing at your new job!

    We've talked and talked about me going back to work, but its so hard having a newborn baby. I get anxiety even thinking about it. Ugh! Lilli has Trachea Malacia and she has a hard time eating sometimes. Well, it can take her a loooooong time to finish her bottle. I get scared at thinking that someone might not be patient with her, etc. I know OVER paranoid. But, those damn Facebook links I see about people abusing a child in a daycare DONT HELP THIS MAMA OUT AT ALL! Damn it! Ha.

    But, I am very glad your week went well.