Handmade Secrets to Keep {with Aubrey Plays}

***This is a sponsored post. I received merchandise in exchange for this review. 
These are my opinions on products provided to me by an individual seller.

One day a package arrived at out door. It came with a warning.

We took heed of the warning, but nothing could prepare us for the joys we would find inside.

A bright pink fox with soft felt ears, and a sweet face. "Shh, Mommy", Mac said. "Pinky Fox is sleeping". She would also join Mac at pre-school.

A real riot girl with purple glasses and a tulle skirt. She had haunted houses and sullen girls on her dress. "Look Mommy", said Caitlin, "Just like my Monster High Girls, only more better". "More Better" indeed. I wanted to name her Raven, but Caitlin insisted on Elizabeth.

Pinky Fox found her way into our toy box and I have to admit that the other toys were jealous. None of them were made with such care and attention to detail. They did not have perfectly stitched noses and ears. The toys were jealous of things like crochet flowers and eyelet skirts.

Elizabeth made herself at home. She even kicked out a few American Girls. The pink stripe in her hair must have made her do it. It was very riot girl of her.

There is something delightful in the way handmade dolls keep secrets. They know why they found their way to you. Why they were made of that particular fabric, why they have long lashes or purple glasses. Why they so perfectly came with pink hair as if to bring a little chaos into a world filled with American Girl perfection. Not everyone looks like an American Girl. Sometimes we look like pink foxes, or riot girls with purple glasses.

I got to meet a new friend as well. I decided to call her Gemma, because glasses and pencil print guts drive me wild. Because her hair resembles a ledger. With perfect glasses and a soft smile we became instant friends. She holds some valuables and some unmentionables. And because her manners are better than mine, she keeps all my secrets.

I invite you to experience Aubrey Plays for yourself. I assure you, you won't be sorry. Aubrey's products are inspired and magical, and have something a little extra. I think it's the love and devotion that Aubrey puts into everything she does. Check her out on Instagram, and also check out our Instagram giveaway. For those of you who want to invite Aubrey Plays into your life, please use the code: ABSOLUTELYRAD for 20% off.


  1. AH! I love her work. I also adore the fact that you can purchase a crochet hat as an add-on to your dolls. How freaking cute is that?

  2. Very cute work. I know I'd to receive some of that cuteness!