When we are seven

When we are seven we will celebrate with sparklers in the front yard. One in each hand. We will never want to comb our hair or take a bath. We will insist on taking showers and using bar soap instead of "baby soap". Summer will be upon us and there will be no such thing as dinner time or bed time or sensible breakfasts. When we are seven everything will be negotiable.

When we are seven we will enjoy cinnamon roll cakes, with pink candles. One for each year. And we will smile really big and blow them all out on the first try. When we are seven two cinnamon rolls will never be enough and we will sneak in a third before anyone finds out.

When we are seven accessories will matter. Things like "birthday money" will exist. And when we are asked where we would like to eat on our birthday, we will pick "fancy" big people restaurants, like Cheesecake Factory. When we are seven, we will be ladies who lunch.

When we are seven we will order for ourselves in a restaurant. And we will politely ask the waitress to not sing when they bring our birthday sundae. The waitress will be so impressed by our manners. When we are seven, we will finish our sundae in three bites.

When we are seven will will not longer need swimmies or floaties. We will no longer need our pink ring to help us get from one side of the pool to the other. All we will need are braids in our hair and goggles on our faces. When we are seven we will swim like a fish and jump in the deep end yelling "Cannonball".

When we are seven we will have a best friend. We will laugh and fight with her just like we would if she was a sister. We will share things like dolls and cards and make up and loom bracelets. We will let her stand next to us as we blow out our birthday candles. When we are seven we will enjoy funfetti cakes with chocolate frosting in our front yard with the neighborhood.

When we are seven we will dress like a famous princess and sing off key. We will pretend that we can make ice come out of our palms. We will wear high heels and lip gloss and braid our hair fantastically. When we are seven, nothing is impossible when we are a princess.

When we are seven, the dark days will seem so far away. We will forget that for a time in our life it was hard, and we cried a lot. We will miss those middle of the night wake up calls and instead of thinking they were horrendous, we will remember them fondly. When we are seven we will realize that we have come so far in such a small amount of time. 

When we are seven we will finally find that sweet spot we have been looking for all along.


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  1. Seven. Can you believe it? Louis will be four next month and I'm dying a little bit inside.