One Day {2013}

I feel like many of my days roll together.  That's what happens when you have children.  You get settled in a routine, for better or worse.  I worry that if I don't slow down on most days I will miss the little things.  Holding hands on our walk to the car after school.  Dancing to the music in the car.  Kisses and snuggles with the little ones to prolong bedtime.  The little things that make up a day in our life.  They seem so insignificant while we are in them, but even the most mundane task can hold a little magic if you let them.  Here is a day in my life.

Packing lunches.  Clementines that are so tiny and sweet.  Crusts cut off of everything.  

A trip to my favorite place.  To buy things we needed.  To buy things we didn't.  

A distraction for my three year old so I can shower.  'Tis the life of a mother who can't even shower without the worry of little people unsupervised.  

New luxury items for me.  Since when did shampoo, dry shampoo, and brow gel become luxury items?

A chance to wear makeup.  Eyebrows and all.  It's sad when the importance of an event can be measured by my eyebrows.

A maxi skirt and a sweatshirt for Fresno weather that still can't decided if it's November or May.  And a sleeping three year old, who falls asleep on the way to pick up big sister and of course wakes when I put her back in the car.  Oh how I miss nap time.

A treat for me.  Just because I did something outside of my comfort zone.  Treat 'yo self.  If you can name that quote, I love you most.

The perfect $20.00 pump that often alludes me at the gas station.  I can't abide by $20.01.

Dinner with a kindle.  I love nothing more that diving back into a story I've read before.  I get wrapped up in it's world all over again.  Like it's the first time.  Good books make everything better.  Even dinners on messy cluttered tables.

A quick browse through Redbook Magazine and I find the perfect uniform for winter.  Then I notice it's actually on a page about pajamas.  I think I'll wear it anyway.  With boots and a nice bulky cardigan.

Skipping homework to watch Glee videos on YouTube.  We take our musical appreciation and education very seriously around here.

Why does it feel like brushing the teeth little people is life's biggest challenge.  It's like brushing the cat's teeth.  Sometimes we forget.  Don't tell the dentist.  Bath, brush, book, bed.  A routine so lovely and challenging in it's simplicity.

Princess slippers and books.  Some old.  Some new.  One of my motherhood successes has been sharing books and the love of reading with my daughters.  I have to say, if that be my only success, it's a damn good one.  

You never know when you will catch a moment so full life.  Sure I was trying to take a picture of me and this night owl.  We were the only two still awake, but then it turned into this.  A moment of late night (for her) giggles.  Say what you will about my iPhone being tethered to my body.  I will never regret it if I capture all of life's moments like this.

Laughing at Pinterest before bed.  For the levity and the chance to relax.  In a quiet house.  A little me time.

One day, like many others.  So different from many others.  One day to really capture my very ordinary life, but suddenly see it as extraordinary.  One day to live, and breathe, and see that all the days matter.  The good, the bad, and the very (extra) ordinary.

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  1. The little things make up the big "thing". Loved this post celebrating the everyday!

  2. "Mimosas! Massages! Fine leather goods!"