Thankful Thursday {eleven twenty one}

Today I'm thankful for...

Finding pictures like this.  My grandpa and I.  Found while cleaning and he is in the hospital.  Thank you to all my Instagram friends for their prayers and kind words.  He's on the mend.  This picture sums up just the kind of man he is, loving, kind, thoughtful.  He will tell you that holding babies is one of his most favorite things in the world.

Gifts from neighbors that have turned into great friends.  Who tell you things like,
"I saw this in a Facebook sale and knew you needed it in your life".
Wow.  That just knocks me out.

A cupcake face.  Saying yes to cupcakes after school with capri sun chasers.  Even though the sugar high will last well into the night.  Being thankful for days where life is fun and spontaneous.

For a fashionista, with a mind of her own, and style that is unmatched.  She officially dresses better than me.  I'm also thankful for quotes like this,
"Mom I want to wear pink on Wednesdays, 
and have all my friends wear pink on Wednesdays too".
I swear she has never seen Mean Girls!

For chicken nugget dinners and last minute craft store adventures that yield zero tears. 

For a new cabinet to hold some of my most precious items.  Some of my favorite people and places live in black and white worlds.  Tucked between dog eared pages and broken spines.  I'm very hard on my books, but it's with love and devotion to the stories within them.

As I type, it's an atypical Thursday.  We, the girls and I, are playing hooky, while mother nature tries to make up her mind about the rain.  We are knee deep in blankets and books and crayons and movies.  I'm thankful for that.  I'm thankful for some extra time with kids who won't stop growing at the speed of light.  I'm thankful for a time to breathe and get some thoughts out.  

I'm thankful for a day where the only expectation is that there isn't one.

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