You're doing it right

Motherhood is a journey.  That's the only way I can describe it and it's also the only thing I've learned since becoming a mother.  It's a journey with bumps in the road, detours ahead, and the occasional train wreck.  Some days area longer than others, some days end too soon.  Yet with every day we are left to wonder, are we doing it right?
Having a school aged child is quite the detour for me.  I'm sure I'm not the only mother who dreads homework every night.  I may or may not prolong dinner and it's clean up so we can avoid the battle over spelling words.  Why is it that word problems suck no matter what grade you are in?  Homework is a new train wreck on this long journey, that I realize is only going to get worse before it gets better.  Kindergarten really opened my eyes to how much parent responsibility is required once your child goes to school.  And while I do it, because education is very important in this family, first grade homework is kind of a cramp in my ass.
But we do it, don't we?  For one because we have to, but also because we want to set that example.  We want to instill good study and school habits.  And let's be totally honest, we don't want our kid to be the one that falls behind.  I still worry that we aren't at the right reading level, that we can't spell enough words correctly, that we still can't recognize some sight words.  I know I'm not alone in this.  Mom's are just predestined to worry about all things child related, including word problems that make no sense.
Friday was a confirmation day of sorts.  It was awards day at my kid's school.  Parents were given a time, and we weren't told if our child would be getting an award.  The Hubbs and I went, along with grandma and sister, because we wanted to be confident that our child would get one.  She's a hard worker, she completes her homework, she's kind, she participates.  So while I had a feeling that she would get one, I still wasn't sure.  The Hubbs was sweating bullets.  He was super nervous and anxious.  Which is totally cute, am I right?
Caitlin was one of the first children in the first grade to get an award.  She was named a Bearcat Champion for the first quarter.  Showing character, academics, and all around good citizenship.  This isn't a post to brag and boast.  To sing the praises of my genius level child.  We are no where near genius level.  We work hard, every school night to complete homework when we'd rather watch Jessie.  We write sentences even when we cry (me included sometimes).  We work out the math problems because Caitlin loves math, and I participate because I don't want her to lose that love for a subject I loathe. 
As parents, the Hubbs and I got some confirmation that we are doing it right.  Even on the nights when we eat grilled cheese and chips for dinner.  Even on the days when I yell ninety five percent of the day away.  Even on those nights when we cry at the dinner table because homework is soooooo boring.  Even then, we are still doing it right.  And it's with that confirmation that I can take a breath, because most days friends, it feels like I'm doing it totally wrong.
Friday was one of those days.  One of the good, don't let this feeling end kind of days.  The days that make you feel like Wonder Woman, and Super Mom, and maybe even a little like Super Man.  A moment of parenting bliss that was due for a celebration.  How does one top off a day where the universe and the school tells her she isn't half bad at this parenting thing?
By serving frozen yogurt for dinner of course.


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  2. Way to go! I totally dread homework here too, heaven help me in a few years. I'm going to refresh all my knowledge if I'm ever going to be able to help!

  3. Go Caitlin! And I totally hate homework and am dreading the day where I won't know the answers haha