Life Lately (October)

October was...

Days filled with funny faces and giggles.

New outfits for cooler weather.

A giveaway or two, and a mock photo shoot or two.

Time to cheer for our favorite team.

Trying new foods that aren't really new.
What is with kids and cups of noodles??

Stocking up at Whole Foods.
This kid is super selective about what you put in her cart.

Sundays spent doing the ordinary,
which feels extraordinary, because we were together.

Making our case for the Living in Yellow Look of the Day.

Hostess cupcakes making their comeback.

Reading books before bed.
Even the old ones that used to be mamma's.

A date night selfie.

Tailgating with friends.

Getting our cheer on.

Game Day Selfies, in red, as the sun goes down.
Date nights at their finest.

Best Friends and a walk through the pumpkin patch.

Enjoying every minute of Daddy at home.

An outfit of the day or two, cut waistband and all!

Day date with my oldest.
Because it's hardly ever just her and I anymore.
To make up for it, cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, were a must.

Picking the perfect pumpkin.

Last minute DIY Halloween costumes.

Finally carving a pumpkin for the first time.
Because I'm that mom, and because it's so hot in Fresno,
that if you carve it, it will rot by morning.

For raking the smallest pile of leaves, and then throwing it in the air.

Morning crazies.

Halloween costumes that they picked out.

My pumpkin carving masterpiece.

Winning the Living in Yellow look of the day!
With this costume on Halloween.

Realizing that Santa may need to get a part time job!

Happy mail and amazing friends that surprise you with gift exchange goodies.

October was realizing that I can't do it all.  Even if I try.  October was finally welcoming cold weather, and the scent of cinnamon spice in the air.  October was fun and full and chaotic, and I am so grateful.
I'm grateful for a full life.  I'm grateful for wonderful friends and neighbors that made Halloween so fun.  I'm grateful for a Hubbs that takes his football so seriously, and a Bulldog team that loves us as much as we love them.  I'm grateful for my tailgating crew who makes every game a party, and every party a family get together.  They say November is the month of gratitude, but I say it's October too.  Something about fall, just brings out the best of us.


  1. Can I tell you how much I love Mac's hair? Like, I want that haircut. Super cute.

  2. You are so great, and it looked like a fantastic October!