Some Mondays {eleven eighteen}

Some Mondays look like this.

That's not to say that it was a bad Monday.  In comparison to some Mondays that I've survived, it was pretty good.  Mondays sometimes get a really bad rap.  They are the beginning of the week, which for some reason has become synonymous with the beginning of the work week.  Like all the hard things have to be done and accomplished on Monday. As if all the other days of the week are extra days to fill with fun and frivolity.  Not true. You can do all the hard things on Wednesday if you like.  But for some reason we like Mondays.  It has an official sound to it doesn't it.  As if Christopher Columbus said, "Let's explore the new world on Thursday", and some a-hole said "Negative, it has to be Monday".

Some Mondays are a nice fresh start.  Kind of like a mulligan (if you are a golfer).  Oh, hey, I didn't clean a thing last week, but now it's Monday, so I can try to fix that.  Some Mondays are productive.  Mine was today.  For the first time in my adult life the only laundry to wash and fold is actually the dirty laundry in our designated laundry baskets.  I even stripped a bed last night and washed and dried and PUT AWAY the bedding this morning.  I know what has gotten into me?  Well, it is Monday.

Some Mondays are good for wearing your most worn in comfy jeans and a sweatshirt that is almost as old as your first born.  Deciding at nine in the morning that McDonald's will be cooking dinner for your family.  Taking the extra time to bleach out your sink because something funky almost grew legs in there over the weekend.  Some Mondays just beg you to indulge in crossing almost every item off your to do list.  It happens I swear.

Some Mondays surprise you.  They show you that with a little change in your expectation, a little loosening of the reigns, a little different mind set, they don't have to be so bad. And yet, at some point Mondays will let you down, show their true colors, and make you remember why you hate Mondays.

But guess what, all the other days of the week can do that too.


  1. LOVE this! Yesterday was pretty crappy for me....If I could have eaten McDonalds for lunch and dinner, I definitely would have!

  2. Monday's are what you make them. Great post.