Random {Coffee Date}

It's been awhile since I invited you dear readers on a coffee date.  I feel like Fridays are always a wild card day in bloggy land.  Some Fridays I put up some serious content, something from the heart.  Other Fridays I share some funnies and it's totally casual like a Friday is supposed to be.  Today, I just feel like talking about a few things that happened this week.  Just to bring you up to speed with my life and hopefully make you laugh at the chaos that is my life. 
If we were having a coffee date today, it would have to be at Starbucks or Panera.  My house is a disaster.  Not like the usual disaster, but a new kind of let's rearrange some furniture, and add some furniture we got at a garage sale into the mix.  Oh wait it will have to stay in the middle of the entry way because it will not fit in the office.  It's that kind of situation over here.  Then I would tell you that our entry way table is actually a folding six foot hard plastic banquet table with a clearance table cloth on it to "look nice".  I swear the Hubbs and I still look like we live in our college apartments with all the mix matched furniture.  And I don't mean mixed matched in a cute, anthro inspired bloggy kind of way.
I'd also tell you that on Tuesday I compared the Brazilian Wax to a crock pot.  Yes, I'm getting lots of mileage out of this cringe inducing beauty treatment.  But hear me out.  The Brazilian Wax is the "fix it and forget it" beauty treatment.  I swear I totally forgot that I needed to book that appointment until I caught a glimpse of myself getting in the shower one morning.  Oops.  So like your crock pot, that let's you get on with your life out of the kitchen for 4-6 hours, the Brazilian Wax allows you to get on with your life for 4-6 weeks without the worry of shaving and such.  I stand by this statement, even though my best friend is convinced I have an eating disorder because I keep comparing my lady parts with food or food appliances.
I'd tell you that Wednesday I had a job interview.  I know, you don't have to say it.  However until I can make some scratch writing, part time work is where I'm going to end up.  The Hubbs has been clamoring for me to get a "steady non seasonal" job for years, and like with most things I either: A) talk him off the ledge while making housewife promises we both know I'm not going to keep, or B) throw a complete and total fit while telling him how horrible my kids will end up without a mother who stays home.  I know it's not pretty, but I'm at the point where I think part time work will be good for me and my family.  And it will force me to get serious with my writing and treat it more like a job.  Still, it was just an interview.  So we shall see.
I'd tell you that Thursdays are my nights.  That I didn't even give the kids a bath last night, because I was lazy and it seemed like such a daunting task.  Instead they put clean pjs on dirty bodies and watched TV until they fell asleep.  Fine.  Whatever.  I also stayed up and watched my favorite TV show Scandal, and yelled and screamed and said "oh no you didn't Shonda" at my TV.  The Hubbs stays up with me while I watch and complains about me being completely obsessed with another show, but he's coming around.  Starting to ask questions about Jake and Huck and Baby Huck.  It's just a matter of time before he comes over to the dark side.  Trust me it only took one Harry Potter movie and two episodes of Mad Men to turn him. 
Today I'm hanging out with my three year old.  I watched last nights Glee on DVR.  And I just updated The Secret, the next part in my short story.  I'd tell you that publishing this short story in pieces has been so much fun.  I'd also tell you that from here on out, posts and published pieces on this blog are going to be spotty at best.  I'm working on a few things, entering a few writing contests, and trying to figure out my next step as a writer.  But that doesn't mean I'm going to be shutting this place down.  This is where I exercise.  This is where I get my daily dose of me.  I don't write everyday, but I like the luxury of knowing I can.  So bear with me until the holidays are over.  I'll be writing and working and baring it all on Instagram.  I thought about taking a Hiatus, but I can't stay away for long.  So instead, I'm allowing myself to post when I want and when I can.  To keep working on the things that scare the crap out of me.  And to continue to dream the big dream. 
Then because I've totally manipulated the conversation and the coffee date, which is really a specialty of mine, I'd finally ask you:
Hey, what's going on with you?
No, really I'll stop talking now. 
Hooking up with Alyssa today.
You should too.
Coffee Date


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  2. I would tell you that I totally failed at making my husband's birthday special but that I rocked it at work this week. Sometimes you have to put more in something else and something else gets pushed back a little. I would tell you how badly I wanted to lay on the couch Wednesday and watch Love Actually. I would tell you I am so happy that Jack is asleep and that my husband is at work so I can have some alone time with my computer. Cheers!