Foggy Friday

Suddenly it's winter in Fresno.  Thursday we awoke to rain, and Friday to fog.  There is nothing wrong with the fog, but it's quite a shock to the system when last week it was 80 and sunny and today it was dreary and 60.  But it's not all bad, it's finally boots and sweater weather, just in time for Turkey Day.  You would think that a day like today would make me want to stay inside and cuddle with a notebook and a pencil, or a book I've read a thousand times before.  On the contrary, today made me want to go and shop for Christmas gifts.  To try and complete the task and be done before Black Friday.  There aren't enough deals in the world to get me back out there.  I worked retail for years, and I don't do any serious shopping on Black Friday unless it's from behind a screen.

The fog is such a beacon for what's to come.  Cold days followed by colder nights.  Warm snuggles under blankets and books read about snowmen and elves and a bearded man in a red suit.  Hot chocolate makes it's rotation on our breakfast menu.  Cookie mixes end up in our carts at the grocery store.  Wrapping paper scraps litter the floor. Red and green M&Ms fill candy bowls.  It's one of my favorite seasons.  Just to be in, to breath in, to revel in.  But sadly it's so short lived.  How do you capture every single moment?  How do you savor every last bit?

Pajamas all day.  Blankets that never get put away.  
Books that get closed with cookie crumbs between the pages.  
Christmas carols in every car ride.  Christmas movies around the clock.  
Sugar cookie trees and gingerbread men for breakfast.  
Night shopping.  Starbucks red cups.  Peppermint bark.  
Evergreens with hanging lights.  Elves on all the shelves.

Thursday is Thanksgiving, and I was once a purist that didn't listen to a single carol until the day after.  I didn't buy a single gift or even think about a tree.  With children the magic has returned.  Santa is real.  Frosty will return.  Rudolph will lead the way.  

But thanks to some Friday fog, the holiday has begun.

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  1. We started it a little early this year as well. My husband is working the weekend after Thanksgiving and we didn't want him to miss out (even though he was fine with it) on putting up the tree. We put it up last weekend and it was fun even if Jack was too little to understand. I'll have the pictures to prove it.