Thankful Thursday {Happy Thanksgiving}

photo by Laura Hernandez Photography
This morning I'm thankful for the quiet before the storm.  The nice calm of being the only one awake before the hustle and bustle of this holiday season begins.  Tuesday and Wednesday were spent shopping and prepping and cooking.  No time to sit, no time to ponder, no time to think.  But this morning I purposely woke up early to savor this last bit of 2013.  The year is almost over.  How on earth did that happen?  It's so cliché to say that time flies, but my friends, it soars.  I'm thankful for all the little moments of bliss.  Those moments that I didn't realize were memories in the making.  The moments that maybe started off as a disaster, but ended with a silver lining.  Not every day is a victory, but it's always a lesson. 
I'm thankful for a Husband who continues to surprise me, who still loves me, who still makes me laugh.  I'm thankful for daughters who challenge me, who love me anyway, who have changed my life beyond measure.  I'm thankful for parents who go above and beyond in their love.  Grandparents who are still with us, who I pray will be with us for years to come.  I'm thankful for a family that is loud and boisterous, in a way that we challenge the sound barrier on days like today. 
I'm thankful for this community of women and mothers.  Who continue to bless me with their support and love.  Who have accepted me and made this space a safe one.  I'm thankful for the support you, my readers, give me.  I'm thankful that after almost three years this is still fun, that I continued to be inspired, that the words continue to flow.
Happy Thanksgiving.  A day for family and friends and food.
No matter where you land today may it be bursting with love and food and
that feeling of home.